Seattle Loves the Space Needle and 5 Other New MLS Uniforms

The MLS and adidas Reveal Week hit a high point on Wednesday, as five teams unveiled six new looks for the upcoming season. Seattle highlighted the way with a new primary and secondary kit, completely changing up some items while giving even more prominence to the team’s rave green color scheme. We also saw collars with buttons, quasar graphics, two-tone fronts and pure class. Take a look at Day 3 of Reveal Week at my article.

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10 Cool Evolutions in Shoe Tech (as Seen in My PopMech Article)

I recently went to New York to cover the launch of the new Boost shoe from Adidas (a few photos here), using the release as the timely hook in presenting 10 cool evolutions in shoe technology for Popular Mechanics. I had about 15 on the original list, but had to cut back, so some other fun stuff from Saucony, Puma, Asics and Nike didn’t quite make it on. But the 10 we have cover the gamut of brands and materials, offering up history in gel and air and new materials and construction. Enjoy diving into the list, as seen here.

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MLS Starts Jersey Week With 5 New Looks

MLS and adidas kicked off the start of “Jersey Week” on Monday evening by having three teams reveal five new looks. Colorado, Houston and New York took the stage Monday, with four more teams set for reveals on Tuesday, four more for Wednesday and Portland to wrap things up on Thursday. Check out the details of Day 1 at my post here.

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Coal Debate Lively in Canada

Don’t think Washington State is the only place where the debate about coal exports has take on a life of its own. The debate is going strong in Canada, where Port Metro Vancouver, one of the largest exporting ports in North America, has varying plans to increase its coal exports. Check out the latest at my Engineering News-Record blog here.


Under Armour Offers New Look to LAX

As I tweeted for, Under Armour has an interesting look tomorrow in a rematch of last year’s NCAA national title lacrosse game featuring Maryland and Loyola. With Maryland Under Armour’s feature school, it is no surprise to see the ‘black ops’ unis make a showing on the LAX field. Mix in some gray from Loyola and you throw back to a good old black-and-gray game.

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Adidas Adds Signature Line for Lionel Messi

My young daughter would be so proud: Lionel Messi (her favorite player) has his own line with adidas. The shoe company says it took two years to develop the look, with Messi’s help, of course, and now comes complete with new boots and only a smattering of apparel items. To check out a few photos and get some more information, view my post here.

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Nike Releases Looks for 16 Chinese Soccer Teams

Okay, so it isn’t like I follow soccer in China, but any chance to show a picture with 16 new uniforms in one effort is worth the view. So, enjoy the gradients, stripes and colors. Read the short post on here.

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A Leak at a Hanford Waste Tank? Not Good News

Nobody ever wants storage containers leaking, especially when they’re filled with nearly 500,000 gallons of radioactive sludge (think: muddy mix of nuclear ice). But that’s the case right now at the Hanford Nuclear Waste. Read about it in my Engineering News-Record blog here.

Adidas Really Likes This Sleeved Look

If you like the idea of sleeved basketball uniforms—or at least are intrigued by them—then you’ll like what adidas is doing, revealing a sleeved look for the Golden State Warriors and then offering it up for the McDonald’s All American game too. Check out some of the looks at my post here.


PHOTOS: Event in Manhattan Reveals Adidas Energy Boost

An energy boost. That’s what Adidas wanted a room full of hundreds in Manhattan to feel on Feb. 13. And with the energy they brought to the production, there was plenty of talk surrounding the German-based shoe giant’s release of its newest running product, Boost. I was in New York, covering the event for Popular Mechanics. My story about the Boost, complete with plenty of bonus material (can’t say what else we have planned for until it goes live) should be published early next week. Some details about the design can be found in my post here. Watch this space for more information. In the meantime, enjoy some photos of the event.


Yohan Blake

Yohan Blake