Wrigley Field Logo Contest Enters Fan Stage

Being from the Pacific Northwest, I’ll never forget my lone trip to Wrigley Field. It was the second game of the season a number of years ago and the April wind sure made things chilly, but it didn’t keep anyone away from the ballpark. As a way to celebrate 100 years of the stadium and get the fans involved, the Chicago Cubs held a contest to let the public design a logo to commemorate the 100 years. The four finalists are posted. Learn more at my SportsLogos.net post.

Elevated Bridges Rise Above Avalanches

A new bridge design in Washington state will help clear motorists of avalanche dangers while crossing Interstate 90 in the Cascades. Gone will be the snowshed design of the 1950s. Learn more at my Engineering News-Record blog here.

Nike Fully Embraces Superhero Roles

With a continual need to create new designs and looks to sell more of its signature line of basketball shoes, the latest Nike creation includes the shoes for Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and LeBron James turning all superhero on us. Not only did they get a new graphic treatment, but the shoes actually got some material redesigns too, with Kevlar and carbon fiber highlighting the armor-like materials. Learn more at my SportsLogos.net post here.


Discussing the Options for a New George Massey Tunnel

Traffic always proves an issue. And an aging underwater tunnel doesn’t help matters. New designs and plans to replace the George Massey Tunnel south of Vancouver, B.C., have started and now we enter a second phase. Read more about it at my Engineering News-Record blog here.

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 10.50.19 AM

My Q&A with adidas Designer Matty Merrill

We all know that adidas has gone heavy into camo. I wanted to learn a little more about designing with camo and was able to connect with adidas America senior designer Matty Merrill. adidas was kind enough to send along a shirt or two of the new RGIII Impact Camo line and Merrill wasn’t joking when he was talking about the brightness and the camo’s ability to stand out, not blend in. Check out the entire Q&A on my SportsLogos.net post here.


South Florida Uniform Inspired by Surfer Stripes

We saw what adidas wanted to do to big-name universities for conference tournaments with the crazy fruit-snack camo, so Under Armour’s surfer styled South Florida uniform seems subdued by all accounts. Check out more here.


Meet Bertha: The World’s Largest-Diamter Tunneling Machine

She may be in 41 pieces, loaded on a boat and headed to Seattle, but when crews put Bertha back together a few hundred yards from Elliott Bay, they will have the world’s largest-diameter tunneling machine. Check out a bit of the information about Bertha’s move and next steps via my Engineering News-Record blog here.

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Using Blood to Decide Colors

There’s always a few fun nuances and inspiration stories involved in design projects. I shared a little history on how Washington State University chose the exact crimson it uses in an article here.


Redesign Needed Because of Cracking Pontoons

The brand-new pontoons, designed as part of a $4.1-billion SR 520 floating bridge project in Seattle, aren’t working out so well. First the pontoons had issues before they were ever finished and after fixing those, new cracks were found once the first batch of four pontoons floated to Lake Washington, where they will become part of the world’s longest floating bridge, currently being constructed. But cracks don’t mesh well with floating bridges. The Washington State Department of Transportation has admitted design flaws led to the cracking and now the fix is in. Read about the project in my Engineering News-Record article here.

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Hanford Tanks Have a Leaking Problem (Solutions Aren’t Coming)

The Hanford Nuclear Waste Site isn’t a bastion of good news these days. After word came that one of the underground single-shell tanks holding radioactive waste was leaking an update came that updated that number to six. My latest Engineering News-Record blog talks about the solution issues. Check it out here.