How to Replace a Crumpled Bridge in a Hurry

Take a look at my Popular Mechanics article that explains how engineers plan to replace the Skagit River bridge in a hurry, first with a temporary structure and then with a new permanent span. The story is here.

Can We Handle the adidas Lightweight Soccer Future?

The basement of Victoria House near London’s famed The British National Museum was what you’d expect from a typical press event, plenty of sleek signage, fancy lighting and, well, a floating shoe. As adidas prepped to announce new technology in soccer, it also unveiled plans for the future of lightweight soccer uniforms, showing off the first soccer boot to go sub-100 grams in weight (adidas used magnets to “float” the shoe on a pedestal) and an entire kit, which was displayed on a suspended mannequin, about half the weight of the lightest on the market now. But even adidas admits the future of uniforms may not go over so smooth, as it requires a rethinking of aesthetics. Check out my discussion at Sports Illustrated by clicking here.


Proper (and Timely) Construction of Stadiums a Concern in Brazil

With World Cup 2014 quickly approaching and a Summer Olympics following just two years later, the pace of stadium construction in Brazil has proven worrisome. And so has the quality of the venues. As concerns mount across the country, what can we expect for the next three years of Brazilian stadium construction? Check out my Sports Illustrated gathering grounds piece focusing on Maracana Stadium here.

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Temporary Fix Coming First for Felled Skagit Bridge

As crews continue to dig the mangled steel that once was the Interstate 5 bridge spanning the Skagit River in northern Washington State, engineers are planning both a temporary and permanent fix for the four-lane highway. Read more at my Engineering News-Record blog here, with a full story coming this week in ENR.

How a New Stadium Equals Super Bowl Bids

The latest trend in Super Bowls: award them to a city with a new stadium. The NFL announced today that the 49ers will host the 2016 game, which gave me reason to profile the new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, the site that will host the big game. Here’s my Sports Illustrated look at the stadium.

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What’s In a Word? Jumping on the ‘Bandwagon’ Definition

While many of my #timsbit daily notes on Twitter come from articles I write, this may be a first: An editor wanting a story based off a #timsbit. And the best part, I was only getting info for this #timsbit to rib a friend. When I tweeted out a little note about the origin of the word “bandwagon” an editor at SI let me know I should expand on that for him. What resulted was a full-fledged article linking sports and history to the word bandwagon. Check it out in SI’s Extra Mustard section here.

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How Nike and adidas Have Taken Over the Endorsement World

I look at the world of endorsements a bit closer for Sports Illustrated, checking out the efforts of Nike and adidas as the leaders in the sports endorsement world. Check out the story here.

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My Chat with Drew Brees About Endorsements

As part of Sports Illustrated’s larger Fortunate 50 business package, I wrote a trio of sidebars, including one that features Drew Brees and his compensation packages, right down to his endorsement deals. Check out the piece, plus my interview with Drew here.

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All That Slants Is Clear in Minnesota New Stadium Design

Classic function got a bit artistic in Minnesota when the Vikings revealed their new stadium design, by HKS, on the 13th. I explore the interesting use of fresh angles and new materials for the stadium’s roof for my first stadium piece for Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard site. Check it out here.

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How Will Bay Bridge Shake Off Earthquakes

My print article on how the new Bay Bridge will shake off earthquakes has now gone live on the Popular Mechanics website. If you haven’t seen the print version, check out the online styling of it here.

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