Growing a Giant Garden AT&T Park Style

The San Francisco Giants will become the first major professional team with a giant garden in their stadium when they get done constructing their planned garden behind the center field fence in time for next year’s season. They let President Obama announce the venture this week—he should have just yelled “Dodger Dog This” when he announced it—and I talked to the head designer for a Sports Illustrated article. Check it out here.

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Money Found: New Vertical Height Clearance Coming for Skagit Bridge

Remember that bridge that fell down in Skagit County, Wash.? Of course you do. New money was recently found to retrofit the entire bridge, giving it a uniform clearance height once the permanent patch is put into place this September. Take a look at all the details in my Engineering News-Record article here.

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Arsenio Has You Pumping Your Fist

Nearly two decades later, Arsenio Hall will return to late-night television with a new talk show. The Dog Pound can rejoice. Check out my write-up for TIME Entertainment here.

Music to Your ‘Star Wars’-Loving Ears

Longevity like John Williams isn’t easy to find. The composer of all six Star Wars‘ scores will do it again, for a seventh time. Read more about it at my TIME Entertainment post here.

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Turning Politics to Art

I make a return trip to the TIME Entertainment site with a post on White House official photographer Pete Souza taking to social media to give intriguing access into the life of President Obama. Check out the post here.

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Light Up the Winter Norwegian Style (Giant Mirrors)

A town in Norway has thought about placing giant mirrors on the top of its neighboring mountain for about 100 years. Now they’re finally do it, hoping to provide direct sunlight to at least a small portion of the town during the five months of the year where the city is locked inside a sun shadow because it sits so deep in a valley. Check out how this is going to work by reading my piece for Popular Mechanics here.

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Let’s Start Talking Sports Logos

You can create your list of 10 coolest sports logos, most classic or even ugliest, but I teamed with HOW Design magazine to create a list of the 10 most talked about sports logos. After chatting with logo designers, I formed the list, which, of course, you can read here. What do you think?

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We Have Blue Football Fields, Why Not Gold Ice?

The Nashville Predators did something fun this week. They painted their ice gold. Normally hockey clubs paint ice white, but gold apparently works too. Take a look at my Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard post on the gold ice here.

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Russia Plans Floating Nuclear Plants: How They Will Work

First off, getting to finally use Kamchatka in a real-live sentence brought me back to all my former Risk-playing days. Oh, the importance of that link to Alaska (even though my strategy usually revolved around South America or Africa). Either way, Kamchatka will play host to Russia’s first floating nuclear power plant in 2016. I took a look for Popular Mechanics to see how that will work. Check it out here.

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Putting Seating Charts on a T-Shirt (and Making it Cool)

Already I was pretty stoked to visit Wembley Stadium. I was in London for the first time this May and getting to view the Champion’s League Final in the famed stadium was high on my list of exciting events. Then I saw Benjamin Hooper wearing Wembley. Right on his chest. And doing it well. Hooper’s BumpyPitch T-shirt depicted the Wembley seating chart in a cool line drawing and it was just the first in his inaugural line of stadium T-shirts. In fact, he’s looking to do MLS stadiums next. Check out the gallery at my Sports Illustrated post here.

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