We Sure Are Building A Lot of Stadiums

One of the largest architects in the world when it comes to stadium design, Populous, released an infographic looking at how much we’re actually building new football stadiums and a little bit of why. I offer it up to you via Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard page. Take a look here.

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Save the Astrodome (No, Please, Somebody Save It!)

Maybe you can save the Astrodome from demolition and its fate as yet another parking lot. Maybe you can’t. But you could at least try, right? Check out the latest contest to give the Astrodome new life in Houston by reading my Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard post here.

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Matt Damon is Already Quite Busy, Thank You

Stop with all the Matt Damon as Robin jokes/dreams. He’s already quite busy being a superstar. I explain for TIME Entertainment here.

Check Out This Massive Bay Bridge Suspension

I love bridges. Love them. So I ate up the opportunity to learn all about the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, set to open Labor Day, including the world’s longest self-anchored suspension bridge. With one 2.5-ft-diameter cable wrapped around one end of the 2,047-ft bridge and the other end housing the anchorage for the cable, this thing is an engineering marvel. Learn all about it from my Popular Mechanics article on the subject here.

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Sports and Science: How Catapult Data is Changing the NFL

I’ve started a new series for Sports Illustrated combining sports, science and technology together (and it looks like we can thank Hyundai for the sponsorship). While we are working on a few different stories, all with accompanying video, the first to go live on the site times with the start of the NFL and covers the rise of data-tracking systems used during practice. A handful of NFL teams have signed on and more will surely follow, but each uses it in a slightly different way. Check it all out at SI by clicking here.

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Lynden Furniture Designer Greg Klassen Playing with Nature

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Greg Klassen, a Lynden, Wash., furniture designer for a few years and recently wrote up a short profile on him and one of his latest lines of custom-made furniture for the Northwest Homes section of Seattle Magazine. Check it out here.

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Going Back to After-School Activities (Movie Style)

With a little help from the talented Mark and Julie Brossow, I compiled a list of nine back-to-school movies that took an extra-curricular twist. When we think of school, we don’t think of sitting at our desks, we think of activities. All kinds of activities. Check out the top nine movies to get you in the mood for a little after-school activity by clicking on my TIME Entertainment post.

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The 10 Coolest Tech Features of Football Stadiums

With football season rapidly approaching, it was time to take a look at the venues we flood with our fanaticism. I took a look at the top 10 coolest tech features of college and NFL stadiums, spelling them out in a Popular Mechanics article. Take a look here.

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Husky Stadium the Shiniest New Stadium in All the Land

When Husky Stadium reopens on Saturday, Aug. 31, it will serve as the only new major college football stadium to open this year. Check out what makes this new Husky Stadium so different from the one originally constructed in 1920 by clicking over to my Engineering News-Record blog here.

‘Simpsons’ Fans Have a Place to Go

Thanks to Universal Studios Florida, The Simpsons‘ Springfield has come to life. Check out some of the details of the new theme park attraction by clicking over to my TIME Entertainment post.