Check out the Nov. 4 SI Print Issue for Two of my Articles

Two articles. And both on the same page of the Nov. 4 print edition of Sports Illustrated. I am back in the Scorecard section this week with a feature on Catapult Sports and their data-tracking products starting to get heavy use in the NFL and some new adidas performance gear that mimics the fur of a polar bear. Fun articles. Check them out in the Nov. 4 issue.


New Wembley Stadium Seeks Its Own Legacy

In May I had the opportunity to attend the Champions League Final in Wembley Stadium. I also interviewed the famed architect, Lord Norman Foster, about the new stadium he designed with obvious links to the old, historic venue. My Sports Illustrated piece takes a look at what the new Wembley can do to create its own stadium legacy and just how far it has already come. Check it out on SI here.

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‘The Hunger Games’ Costs a Lot of Money

The Hunger Games made a lot of money last year. And it is spending a lot now trying to prove its sequel is up to the task. Learn more at my TIME Entertainment post here.

New Renderings Released for Atlanta Falcons Stadium

Now that Atlanta’s $1.2 billion football stadium has been formally approved—including the design—we’re able to explore more of the new renderings for the stadium that boasts one of the craziest retractable roofs every designed. Check out the visuals at my Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard post here.

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J.J. Abrams Works His Book Teaser Into an Art Form

J.J. Abrams knows mystery, even when it comes time to promote his latest work, a new novel. Learn more about what I’m talking about when it comes to the marketing side of Abrams at my TIME Entertainment post here.

Adidas Smart Watch a Focus on Performance

With all the wearable tech flooding the market, adidas went big with its foray, offering a Smart Watch that is designed for runners. Check out the main features of the watch and what the designers have to say about it at my Popular Mechanics article here.


So Maybe that 2020 Tokyo Olympic Stadium Won’t Be So Grand

After telling you about the grand plans for the Japan National Stadium, set to host the 2020 Tokyo Olympic opening ceremonies, plans have started to change. While the design will remain largely in tact, it will get scaled back somewhat from the 80,000 seat spectacle planned. I explain more in my Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard article here.

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What a 2013 ‘The Usual Suspects’ Cast Would Look Like

The Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer took to a Twitter chat to let folks in on what a hypothetical 2013 cast for his 1995 movie would look like. See the results at my TIME Entertainment post here.

Tottenham May Be Exploring Hybrid EPL/NFL Stadium With Populous

Maybe soccer isn’t everything when it comes to building a new stadium for Tottenham in North London. A new White Hart Lane could become the first EPL/NFL stadium hybrid, at least that is the latest report coming from England. As Tottenham struggles with designs for its new stadium and capacity figures fluctuate, the idea of designing to lure a singular NFL franchise to London, or at least capture the revenue Wembley has enjoyed, is certainly intriguing. And it is all interesting enough for the club to bring global architect Populous into the mix to evaluate things. Check out more at my Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard post here.

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A Trio of Entertainment Posts

In the last day or so, I’ve written a trio of TIME Entertainment posts, covering everything from the creepiest celebrities, how the Entourage movie is held up because of a financial rift and which dead celebrities still bring in the most cash.