Experiencing Oakley’s Lens Tints First-Hand

With over 70 different lens tints available, Oakley doesn’t just willy-nilly add in pigments and dyes to create colors. Instead they map specific environments to filter exact color wavelengths, creating the ability to see the world in more detail. While in Kona, Hawaii, to cover the Ironman, I was able to get a first-hand look at how the lenses work, experiencing them and talking with designers and engineers about the science and technology behind the tints. Check it all out at my Sports Illustrated article here.

JennyAs seen above by Greg Beadle, pro triathlete Jenny Fletcher is wearing the OO Red Iridium tint, designed for action on asphalt, whether road biking or running. By switching between no lens, the wrong lens and the proper lens, I saw the differences in these pigments and dyes. Take a look at the difference without and then with when it comes to the water environment:


WithAnd, then, just to top it all off, I tried my best Bubba Watson impersonation:

TimCheck out much more of the science at the SI article, which, again, is here.


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