Take a Look at Baylor’s Half-Completed Football Stadium

In my first post for Sports Illustrated’s Campus Union blog, we look at a video that explores the half-complete Baylor Stadium. This on-the-water new venue certainly has the makings of a top-notch facility. Check out the post here.

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World Cup Stadium Accident Kills Workers

Already in a hurry because Brazil’s 2014 World Cup stadiums are behind schedule, tragedy made things much worse on Tuesday. A crane fell into a Sao Paulo stadium, collapsing a portion of its roof and killing at least two. Read about it at my Popular Mechanics’ article here.

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What is Beckham Really Thinking for a Miami Stadium?

I look through some of the early reports on David Beckham’s search for a site to house a future Miami-based MLS franchise for Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard site. See what the latest Beckham-related rumors are here.

What to Watch on Thanksgiving? Here’s my TIME Ultimate Guide

Some people have plenty of downtime during the four-day Thanksgiving weekend. Hey, some people even start all that extra time off a few days early. I put together the “ultimate viewing guide” for your Thanksgiving weekend for TIME Entertainment. Check it out here.

I Worked With ESPN Anchors to Find the Best SportsCenter Spots

The story idea started simple enough. ESPN launched a new This is SportsCenter spot that I thought was funny. Hey, let’s do a top-10, right? My editor at TIME Entertainment was certainly game. But I thought we should make this a little more interesting and bring in a little help. So, first I chatted with Aaron Taylor, senior vice president of marketing for ESPN, to get a few of the details of how this goes on and then pick his brain for some of his favorite spots. After that, I figured we’d take it yet another step, getting in touch with ESPN anchors Jay Harris and Steve Levy to find out their favorites. But I wasn’t going to get fully trumped by the group, so I took all four of our ideas and did one giant mashup of story/Q&A/top-12 list (yeah, it grew from the original 10) in one giant post. Take a look at it here.

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New Animated Trailer Shows Beauty in Flying

The new trailer for the Japanese-language animated The Wind Rises is stunning. Check it out by going to my TIME Entertainment post here.

Braves Offer Up Three New Stadium Renderings

Tons of fun. That’s what you’ll have if you visit the area around the new Braves stadium, at least if the renderings can be trusted. Take a look at three new renderings from the Braves at my Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard post here.

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And the Highest-Paid Musician is …

I take a look at the Forbes list for highest-paid musicians for TIME Entertainment. And while I’d like it if you click through to the TIME link here, I’ll kill some of my chances by telling you that Madonna tops the list. But the other nine? That you’ll have to work for.

Nike and Hasbro Team Up on Calvin Johnson Transformer

Not only does Detroit’s Calvin Johnson have his own line of Nike shoes, but now he has his own Hasbro Transformer toy. The shoe and toy giants teamed up to create new shoes and a new toy that mimic each other in style, the first-ever toy-shoe release. For more, check out my Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard post here.

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First World Cup 2022 Stadium Design Unveiled

We all seem quite enamored with Qatar hosting the 2022 World Cup. And the first stadium design released didn’t disappoint, with plenty of furor over what the stadium may resemble and all the technology talk of how the pitch will stay cooled. Check out the designs—with a video—and some thoughts on the look at my Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard post here.

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