I Worked With ESPN Anchors to Find the Best SportsCenter Spots

The story idea started simple enough. ESPN launched a new This is SportsCenter spot that I thought was funny. Hey, let’s do a top-10, right? My editor at TIME Entertainment was certainly game. But I thought we should make this a little more interesting and bring in a little help. So, first I chatted with Aaron Taylor, senior vice president of marketing for ESPN, to get a few of the details of how this goes on and then pick his brain for some of his favorite spots. After that, I figured we’d take it yet another step, getting in touch with ESPN anchors Jay Harris and Steve Levy to find out their favorites. But I wasn’t going to get fully trumped by the group, so I took all four of our ideas and did one giant mashup of story/Q&A/top-12 list (yeah, it grew from the original 10) in one giant post. Take a look at it here.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 10.31.20 AM


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