Adidas Shows off New Federation Kits for World Cup 2014

Adidas spent this week unveiling a host of new looks for World Cup 2014. Along with a brightly colored pack of soccer boots, they also showcased entire kits of their top federations. I roundup the looks for Sports Illustrated. Check it out—with tons of photos—by clicking here.

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Golden State Warriors Unveil Some New Images of Planned Arena

The Golden State Warriors have this grand plan, you see. The NBA team wants to bust on out of Oakland (just like every other pro team that resides there) and build a fancy new arena on the other side of the bay in posh San Francisco. They even want to drop millions on refurbishing a dilapidated pier to give themselves the swankiest waterfront arena you’ll ever see. Read more about it and see all the visuals at my Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard piece here.

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What We Know (So Far) About the New Atlanta Braves Stadium

We don’t often get shocking news in the world of stadiums, but the Atlanta Braves were able to pull it off with a behind-the-scenes deal with Cobb County that lead to a complete surprise announcement to replace its not-even-20-year-old stadium. Take a look at what we know (so far) about the new stadium in my Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard article here.

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Most Recent ENR Blogs

My four most recent Engineering News-Record blog posts include looks at a brand-new bridge deck coming apart in Portland, WSDOT adding a new wrinkle to overseeing its mega-projects, Vancouver’s VanDusen Garden still pulling in awards for its architectural and engineering design and big tunnel-boring machine Bertha getting new teeth.

A Trio of TIME Entertainment Posts

For your reading pleasure: My three most recent TIME Entertainment posts include a look at how Disney theme parks have been influenced by video games, how the White House was forced to respond to a Jimmy Kimmel-related protest and the fact that Ridley Scott may turn his focus to a movie dealing with concussions in the NFL.

Testing Out the World’s First-Ever Connected Tennis Racquet

It can be a bit intimidating to start hitting tennis balls in the same room as Eric Babolat and much of the brain-trust of French-based Babolat. They hang with Nadal, after all. But that isn’t nearly as intimidating as the idea that every stroke I’m hitting wasn’t only being watched by some great tennis manufacturing minds, but being recorded by the world’s first-ever connected tennis racquet. In Boulder on Nov. 6 I was able to test out the Babolat Play, swinging wildly to try and record my data, which I then dissected and—maybe unwittingly—showed to everyone in some screen grabs for my Popular Mechanics story (see below). To learn all about the tech behind the Babolat Play, check out my article here.

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How Cleats Have Turned Position-Specific

The art and science of cleats has come a long way. With my latest Sports Illustrated article, I take a lengthy look at how cleats have evolved into a product now not only sport-specific, but even position-specific within sports. Lineman and wide receivers use vastly different cleat types. Defenders and forwards have little in common on the bottom of their boots. It is simply the way the shoe manufacturing world has embraced science. Take a look at the story on SI by clicking here.

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Another Trio of Entertainment Posts

Already this week on TIME Entertainment I’ve offered stories on the FCC possibly ending its sports blackout rules, how foreign audiences may be cooling on Hollywood and a legendary Zombie-film creator not all that impressed with The Walking Dead.

New Vegas Arena Comes With Flash and Drama

The Populous-designed Las Vegas Arena will turn dirt in 2014 and open in 2016, ready to welcome in all the entertainment it can find. Expect plenty of flash, color and drama in the design, though, which you can see more of and read at my Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard post here.

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The Funniest Movie Trailer of the Year? Possibly

You simply have to love the fun and pun that The LEGO Movie has brought, at least in its trailer. Take a look at the trailer and my thoughts in my TIME Entertainment post here.