My Top 13 Stories of 2013 (10-13)

A “best of” list proves so personal, even when the subject isn’t. So to create a uniquely individualistic take of 2013, I created my second-ever look back at my “top” articles of the year. Both as a way to take stock of where the year has taken me—physically and via my iPhone—and to provide an annual recap, I’ll present my Top 13 of 2013 articles in three parts. The criteria for the list? It simply represents the 13 stories I most enjoyed reporting, writing and learning about. Thanks, as always, for following (on Twitter here) and reading.

13. If I had an honorable mention section, I’d include stories for Popular Mechanics on the new BMW-made bobsled for the Olympics, the London building that scorched a Jaguar or even my HOW article on the most talked about sports logos of all time. But I don’t do honorable mention, so I start with #13: A stadium design trends Q&A for London’s Stadia Magazine. This wide-ranging article spanned the global perspective of well-known stadium architects, touching a variety of subjects.

12. Covering international events live always has a slightly different feel than domestic sports, so having the opportunity to write the game story for Sports Illustrated on the U.S. Men’s National Team World Cup Qualifier in Seattle in June was a different experience for me. Plus, writing on deadline is always a bit of a fun twist, especially in a stadium I know well. Here’s the story.

11. I’ve long written about shoes, but this time I delved into a part of the sports shoe often ignored: cleats. For a Sports Illustrated article, I looked at the art and science—and a bit of the history—of sports cleats.

10. From high-end materials, fresh construction methods and more high-tech innovation, I put together articles both online and in print for Popular Mechanics that explains the science behind performance shoes. Two slideshows; tons of info.

I’ll post part two, stories 5-9 on Dec. 30 and the top four on Dec. 31.

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