A little history comes in the form of a sweater

Both Vancouver and Ottawa will showcase plenty of history with their Heritage Classic uniforms during the outdoor game in Vancouver on March 2. Check out more at my Sports Illustrated article here.

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BC Place hosting outdoor hockey on March 2

The final NHL outdoor hockey game of the season comes on Sunday, March 2, in Vancouver’s BC Place. I explore what to expect in the retractable-roof stadium for a game that could move indoors within 20 minutes if needed. Check it out in my Sports Illustrated article here.

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Bubba Watson has a bulletproof truck

Oakley wanted people to take notice of Bubba Watson and, well, of Oakley. So, the California-based company fully customized a Ford for the golfer, giving him a bulletproof ride with a black camo wrap. Read all about it—and check out more photos—at my Sports Illustrated article here.

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Crazy-cool location for new soccer stadium in Gibraltar

Europa Point is picturesque, so placing a soccer stadium right near Trinity Lighthouse and close to the Rock of Gibraltar can only serve to spice up the area even more, or so goes the thinking. Take a look at the images of the planned new Europa Point Stadium in Gibraltar via my Sports Illustrated article here.


What happens to Olympic Stadiums after the games?

Sometimes these Olympics Stadiums go right on performing, host world-watched events for decades to come. Other times they get ripped down. Or, worse, they are left to linger and fade away. I explored the last 60 years of Olympic Stadiums for my latest Sports Illustrated piece. Check it out here.

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New Cubs Park facility in Mesa offers fresh take on Chicago

Rare is the item similar between Mesa, Ariz., and Chicago. But you’ll find a few of those features in the new Cubs Park facility for the Chicago Cubs, a Spring Training facility that hosts its first official game this week. Check out my article in Sports Illustrated for more photos and information.

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In-depth look at Daytona’s move to racing’s first-ever stadium

This Sports Illustrated article gave me the chance to sit-down with the architect of Daytona International Speedway’s stadium plans. The move from grandstands to stadium is a first in the racing world and a monumental $400 million project for the Florida track. Take a look at the details here.

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Turning Daytona Speedway into racing’s first-ever stadium

Take a look at the Feb. 24 print issue of Sports Illustrated for a look at how the Daytona International Speedway plans to turn its 1959-built grandstands into racing’s first-ever stadium.

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How tech is playing a major role in Daytona Speedway’s $400M upgrade

Undergoing a $400 million renovation to an in-use racetrack requires nimble construction methods. And spending three years upgrading a facility necessitates an ability to adapt to changing needs. It all takes a high-tech view. Take a look at the role technology plays in the Daytona Rising upgrade project at my Popular Mechanics article here.

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Vegas hockey team to build arena on casino roof

Only in Las Vegas, right? A minor-league hockey team will build an arena on the roof of a hotel and casino. Take a look at my story in Sports Illustrated here.