America’s aging gas pipe infrastructure a dangerous proposition

My latest story for Popular Mechanics explores how America’s aging gas pipeline infrastructure creates a dangerous dynamic, especially in the Northeast. Take a look at my PopMech piece here.

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The sweetest 16 of teams will play in these four venues

You’ve got a completely remodeled Madison Square Garden, a musically inspired FedExForum, The Pond and Indy’s favorite football stadium playing host to the next two rounds of NCAA basketball. Check out my venue guides via my Sports Illustrated article here.

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Designing for noise: How architects embrace decibels

CenturyLink Field in Seattle is well known for its loud environment. And it wasn’t by accident. But that is just one example of architects around the world using their designs to help build a loud atmosphere for the home team. My cover story for the March 2014 issue of Stadia takes a look at how stadium designers work to create a natural environment for noise. Check out the story in Stadia here.

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AS Roma’s new stadium inspired by Colosseum

Architect Dan Meis has plenty of modern flair in the new 52,500-seat stadium planned for AS Roma. He uses glass and steel liberally. But he also tied to Rome’s storied stadium history by using a floating stone skin to surround the new stadium. Check out all the renderings and information at my Sports Illustrated article here.

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How the deadly Washington slide happened

Tragic. Always. To learn how the deadly mudslide about 60 miles northeast of Seattle happened I talked to a scientist from the University of Washington. Read my story at Popular Mechanics here.

Beckham group has fancy new stadium rendering for Miami

He may not have yet locked down a final site, but that isn’t stopping David Beckham from working with architects to draw up a smooth rendering of his proposed stadium for his planned MLS team at the PortMiami site near downtown Miami. Check out the visuals and the text at my Sports Illustrated post here.

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Bobcats looking for money for arena upgrade

Opened in 2005, the Charlotte Bobcats are already looking for some decent upgrades to Time Warner Cable Arena. Check out what they want and the next steps at my Sports Illustrated article here.

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Texas Motor Speedway unveils world’s largest video board

Oh, all the bigger in Texas references we’re going to hear about this one. The Texas Motor Speedway has unveiled the world’s largest video board on the backstretch of their 1.5-mile oval in Fort Worth. Read about it at my Sports Illustrated post here.

MLB field guru transforms historic Sydney Cricket Grounds into MLB field

Murray Cook was enjoying himself in Sydney when I spoke to him for my Sports Illustrated article on how MLB’s director of fields and facilities transformed the mid-1800s Sydney Cricket Ground into a baseball field for the season’s opening day. And he’d deserved it, after creating a ballpark in just 16 days. Read about it in my SI article here.

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Some of the coolest ballpark blueprints around

Stadium architecture took on an entirely new artistic meaning after getting to take a look at the work of Ballpark Blueprints. Check out how they make the drawings they do and the photo gallery they provided me of their work for my Sports Illustrated piece.

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