Skate Science: The physics of the Ollie

If you’ve ever been on a skateboard you’ve tried the move. Everyone wants to pull off the Ollie. With the help of science, learn how to perform skateboarding’s most well-known trick. Check it out via my Sports Illustrated story here.

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Sweat Mecca: Take a look inside Nebraska’s stellar facility

We went to school for the latest Sports Illustrated Sweat Mecca story, taking a look at the Suh Center on the University of Nebraska campus. Expect a huge facility individualized for the football team that provides plenty of “wow” factor. Check it out here.

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New arena planned for gamers

Everyone needs a place to call home and the home of video game performance will move to China and a new 15,000-seat gaming arena as part of a larger entertainment project. Read more about the project from Major League Gaming at my Sports Illustrated post.

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NHL teams turning to on-bench tech for playoffs

That nifty little iPad. It fits nicely so many places, even behind a NHL bench. With a wave of new programs offering coaching insight, the iPad has made inroads in the NHL playoffs as a tool, both on and off the ice. Check out my Sports Illustrated story on the subject here.

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Ballpark Quirks: Take a slide in Milwaukee’s Miller Park

Bryan Trubey, the architect behind Milwaukee’s Miller Park, remembers the project quite well. How could they not play up Bernie’s slide, even bigger than before? Learn about the decision to go bigger and bolder with Bernie and why the dugout and slide lives in the left field by reading my Sports Illustrated article here.

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OluKai sandals give lifeguards a tech-focused feel

For the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association, the new Holomua sandal offers the closest thing to a shoe possible, but without that pesky back strap. The new OluKai sandal went tech-focused for use as a lifeguard. Read about it at my Sports Illustrated post here.

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Arena Wars: Barclays Center vs. Madison Square Garden

Take your pick. They’re both in New York City, but worlds apart. Read about the two arenas in my Sports Illustrated article here and decide for yourself which arena is king of NYC.

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The best abandoned military outposts in the world

My editor at Popular Mechanics came up with the idea, even though I’d like to claim it as my own. He suggested tracking down the 10 best abandoned military sites in the world. I got excited and went for 14 instead. Here’s a gallery of what I found via my Popular Mechanics article.

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Wrigley Field turns 100, let’s read about it

If you want more than what I gave you in Sports Illustrated’s print edition on Wrigley Field’s 100th anniversary (or just missed it), then I’ve got you covered with a full historical look at the famed Chicago park leading’s coverage of the April 23 anniversary. Check out my story at Sports Illustrated here.

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Ballpark Quirks: The splashing style of McCovey Cove

AT&T Park nestles right up to the water, creating a splashy kind of exit for some baseballs. The San Francisco park is the third in my Ballpark Quirks series for Sports Illustrated. Check out the history of McCovey Cove and how it almost wasn’t by following my SI link here.

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