Ballpark Quirks: Safeco Field’s umbrella

Seattle knows all about rain. It also knows plenty about umbrellas because of it. Safeco Field is no different, the only North American stadium with its own umbrella-like retractable roof. Take a look at the design of the stadium’s roof in my latest Sports Illustrated Ballpark Quirks series entry. Check it out here.

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Helly Hansen’s heat-flow tech regulates jacket temps

Helly Hansen has some intriguing technology that lets you work with your jacket to regular internal temperatures, no matter the field conditions. Check out my Sports Illustrated story here.

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USMNT homes away from homes: The three WC stadiums the U.S. will visit in Brazil

Brazil may have struggled to build 12 stadiums for World Cup 2014, but the U.S. will focus on just three in the group stage of the international tournament. I explored those three venues and offer up photos and details about the stadiums in my Sports Illustrated post, which you can see here.

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Photos of how Brazuca was created

When adidas unveiled a second color option for the official World Cup ball, Brazuca, on May 29 it gave me an opportunity to explore the history of the adidas-made ball in photos. From production photos to the main color option to the special championship-match coloring, take a look at the Brazuca ball in a way you never have before via my Sports Illustrated post.

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Research confirms new World Cup ball most aerodynamic ever

A new research report looking into the adidas-made World Cup ball, Brazuca, says the ball of choice for the Brazilian tournament is the most aerodynamic ever. Read more in my Popular Mechanics article here.

Yarn as the future of footwear (a look into Nike’s Flyknit run)

Nike was on to something when it debuted Flyknit—engineered yarn—in running shoes in 2012. Since then the apparel and footwear giant moved the new type of footwear material into basketball shoes. And recently they launched two new soccer cleats with the material, showing the ever-increasing move Nike has made toward Flyknit. Check out the evolution of Flyknit with my Sports Illustrated article here.

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Players using in-play data tracking racket during French Open

Babolat debuted the first-ever racket that tracks in-match data. And now players are using the racket during the French Open. Take a look at my Sports Illustrated post on the topic here.

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The anatomy of designing an NBA arena (a case study of the Kings)

The average sports fan’s first interaction with a planned new arena comes in the form of renderings. But that is so far down the path of the design process. For a new Sports Illustrated story, I worked with the preeminent NBA arena designers, AECOM, and the NBA’s Sacramento Kings to dive deeper into the process of creating a new NBA arena. We looked at everything from site selection to seating arrangements and from building materials to local input. The resulting article, I believe, gives readers a first-hand walk-through of the process involved in designing an NBA arena. Read the results on SI here.

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Charging your adventures

Voltaic’s solar charging packs offer up a way to keep your digital life caught up with your backcountry adventure life. Read more about how Voltaic keeps you powered up via my Sports Illustrated post here.

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Ballpark Quirks: Ashburn Alley provides life in Citizens Bank Park

The Philadelphia Phillies wanted to provide a bit of life behind their brick batter’s eye. So they stepped it up and added a bounty of features all throughout the outfield concourse, creating Ashburn Alley. Check this out in my latest Ballpark Quirks series for Sports Illustrated.

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