Stadium Spotlight: The well-known stadiums hosting the college football playoff

My Sports Illustrated Stadium Spotlight series marches right into the first-ever College Football Playoff and two well-known venues. Check out the Rose Bowl and Superdome in my story. Here’s the link.

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Extreme sailing with Alex Thomson

From sailing around the world in a variety of events to a famed keel walk, sailor Alex Thomson knows extreme sailing. As he embarks on another around the world adventure in the Hugo Boss yacht, check out my profile of him for Sports Illustrated. The link is here.

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From sand pit to golf to U.S. Open stadium

The history of Chambers Bay offers no reason to believe the Puget Sound location would one day host the first-ever U.S. Open in the Pacific Northwest. But history gets written every day. Explore with me as I walk through how the U.S. Open will take what was once a gravel mine and take the relatively new golf course built there and turn it into a stadium able to host the 2015 U.S. Open. My Sports Illustrated article is here.

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