The baselayer powering Anthony Davis

For my latest Tech Talk column for Sports Illustrated, I take a look at Alignmed and how it has helped Anthony Davis and others. The link is here.


The evolution of NFL stadium food

Our food culture has shifted in America. And that means a change for food everywhere, even NFL stadiums. Check out my Sports Illustrated feature on the evolution of NFL stadium food.

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Top 10 on-court basketball shoes of 2015

The list combines style with performance to offer up the top-10 on-court basketball shoes released in 2015. Check it all out via my Sports Illustrated post.

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The history of tennis rackets

My fourth and final installment of my history of tennis series for Sports Illustrated caps with the history of tennis rackets. Check out the progression from wood to metal to all sorts of new materials here.

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The world’s 20 most impressive bridges

Some have sheer size and strength, while others boast creativity or history. Whatever the reason they made the list, I culled the 20 most impressive bridges for Popular Mechanics. Check it out here.


The history of tennis in shoes

My series for Sports Illustrated tennis continues with an installment on the history of tennis shoes. From a chat with Stan Smith to an interview with Pete Sampras, I explore all things shoes. Read it here.


Surf design told through Vans board shorts

The culture of surf design as told through boardshorts, my latest HOW Design feature. Check out the design story through the eyes of Vans. The link is here.

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History of tennis strings told

The second part in my Sports Illustrated Tennis series on the history of tennis visits the story of tennis strings. Learn the history and the now via my feature here.

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Keeping NFL hands warm in the winter

My latest Tech Talk column for Sports Illustrated looks at how a NFL quarterback has created a company focused on keeping NFL hands warm in the winter. Check it out here.

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