Florida State’s new players’ lounge

In the next wave of improvements for college facilities, check out the latest from Florida State’s players’ lounge. My Sports Illustrated post here.

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The making of a Final Four site

Every year the NCAA needs to turn a stadium into a basketball arena. I explored how they make it happen for Sports Illustrated. Read about it here.


Nadine Zumkehr on beach volleyball tech

Swiss beach volleyball player Nadine Zumkehr discusses data-tracking tech in her sport for my Sports Illustrated story. Check it out here.

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The venues for the Sweet 16 Madness

With March Madness entering its second weekend, I take a look at the four venues that will hold it all. Check out my arena guide via Sports Illustrated.

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Adidas creates the laceless cleat

Adidas wanted to limit distractions and improve ball contact on its soccer cleat, so it engineered a laceless cleat. Learn more via my Sports Illustrated story here.


Going 1-on-1 with Ryan Hurley on design

Ryan Hurley leads Hurley design. And he does it with both performance and style in mind. Learn more about how Hurley’s design culture forms from the mind of Ryan Hurley via my Sports Illustrated feature.


Adidas going floral

Adidas embraced the floral beauty of Portland and Illinois with a new sneaker colorway. Check it out via my Sports Illustrated Kicks and Colors post.


In-depth on Nike soccer design and tech

Ahead of Rio, Nike soccer has upped its technology in soccer cleats. I went in-depth with Nathan VanHook to discuss Nike soccer design. Learn more via my Sports Illustrated feature.


US unveils new soccer uniforms

New uniforms for the US men and women national teams come in the form of a classic white with patriotic splashes and a much bolder black. See photos and learn more about the designs, as I spoke with the man behind the look for Sports Illustrated.