The lost signature sneakers of John Newcombe

John Newcombe has a signature sneaker story too. In fact, the Australian has two of them. I caught up with Newk to discuss the sneaker game for a Tennis Magazine feature. Check it out here.

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Kobe Muse Pack wraps with Mark Parker design

The Kobe 11 Muse Pack presents some of the best colorway options in the Kobe 11 line we’ve seen. And the trio wraps with the Mark Parker design, as seen in my Sports Illustrated Kicks & Colors post here.

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The padding that changes on impact

G-Form padding has caught on in extreme sports due to the thin, pliable nature that then changes into a rigid plate of protection upon impact. Learn more via my Sports Illustrated story here.

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A look back at the making of the Golden State logo

The Warriors have taken over the basketball world this season and with it comes the continued rise of the Golden State logo. I took a look back at the creation of the logo for HOW Design. Read the story here.

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J.J. Watt opens up about training, vegetables and sneakers

I went one-on-one with J.J. Watt to learn about how he trains and what sets him apart. At the same time, we discussed an upcoming signature training shoe he’ll have with Reebok. Read my Sports Illustrated story here.

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The fashion of the French Open (plus Grigor’s personal view)

I take a look at the fashion of the 2016 French Open for Sports Illustrated, all while chatting fashion with Grigor Dimitrov. Check it out here.

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Behind the strings of the French Open

Babolat stays busy during the French Open in Paris, the official stringer of the tourney. Learn about the process and the details of keeping rackets up to par at Roland Garros via my Sports Illustrated feature here.

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The evolution of the pitching machine

Jugs, the leading manufacturer of pitching machines, has taken the machine to the next level, switching speeds without tipping the change. Learn more via my Sports Illustrated story here.

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The new low prices of Mercedes-Benz Stadium concessions

When the Atlanta Falcons open the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium next year the concession prices will have a bit of a shock to them. And because of how low they are. The how low and why of the new model via my Sports Illustrated post here.