Building with wood: World’s most impressive

My World’s Most Impressive series with Popular Mechanics continues with wood structures. Learn about some of the wildest wood structures in the world here.

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The art and science of basketball traction

Basketball traction has evolved, turning into both an art and science. I explore the world of basketball sneaker traction for my Sports Illustrated feature.

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Under Armour building the factory of the future

Under Armour is doing plenty of new things in the world of apparel and footwear manufacturing and it all starts with its new lab in Baltimore. Go behind-the-scenes with my Popular Mechanics article on the future of Under Armour.

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Federer goes Flyknit

Roger Federer has debuted Flyknit in the Zoom Vapor Tour 9.5, which he’ll wear at Wimbledon. Read more via my Tennis Magazine article hereRead more via my Tennis Magazine article here.

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The fashion of grass

Wimbledon brings out the white apparel, but it also allows for subtle design and heightened technology. Check out what we’ll see on the grass courts in London via my Sports Illustrated article here.

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My 1-on-1 with Roger Federer

Roger Federer has a classic style. A timeless look. He’s taken that interest in fashion and moved it off the court in his new NikeLab x Roger Federer collection. I spoke with the tennis legend about his design. Read the story via Sports Illustrate here.

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Durant, designer Chang discuss new KD9

The new KD9 sneaker is out and Kevin Durant and designer Leo Chang spent some time discussing the technology and design of the Nike shoe. Learn more via my Sports Illustrated post hereScreen Shot 2016-06-20 at 3.07.53 PM.