7 of the most serious dams in the nation

We have learned how to pile the concrete high and wide, no matter the era, when it comes to our nation’s dams. I explore 7 of the most serious dams in the U.S. with the latest in my series for Popular Mechanics. Check out the story here.


The modernizing of Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field has plenty of old-world charm. But it also lacked some modern ability to keep up with the Joneses. Learn how Wrigley is modernizing, but hanging onto the nostalgia that defines it via my Popular Mechanics story. Here’s the link.


The design details on Nike’s 2016 Sneakerboot collection

Every year Nike takes on the outside elements with its Sneakerboot collection. I chatted with the designer behind the collection to get design and material details on what we can expect this fall. Check out my Sole Collector/Complex article here.


How augmented reality could change classroom apps

With the Pokemon Go craze this past summer, I explore how augmented reality could change the face of classroom apps. Learn more about this style of learning via my feature for The 74 Million. Here’s the link.


Going in-depth on Sacramento’s new arena’s hangar doors

The Sacramento Kings christen a new arena for the new NBA season and one of the best features of the building comes in the form of aircraft-style hangar doors. I go in-depth on the doors for a Popular Mechanics post. Check it out here.


7 of the longest U.S. interstates

Take a trip via my new series for Popular Mechanics, exploring 7 of the coolest, longest, biggest or whateverist. The first installment calls out 7 of the longest U.S. interstates. Check it out here.


How apps have improved the NFL experience

The emergence of in-stadium apps in a more robust way has sparked an improved in-stadium experience for fans. Learn more about what the latest tech offers fans in the NFL via my Wired story here.


The world’s most impressive hotels

Take a look at the world’s 20 most impressive hotels as part of my continuing Popular Mechanics series that looks at impressiveness the world over. Here’s the link.