Why fake news needs a classroom solution

Fake news isn’t just a problem for adults, it starts with students. Learn how fake news awareness creates a new push for media literacy within the classroom. My The 74 Million feature is here.


The microparticles that can cool you down

Go ahead, get as sweaty as you like because 37.5 technology has found microparticles that can cool you down. Embedded inside fabric, these particles take on sweat in an entirely new way. Check out my feature on the technology for Wired here.


Inside the futuristic labs that forge Gore-Tex

Gore-Tex keeps out the water. It keeps out the wind. It can even, depending on the fabric, resist fire. But to keep Gore-Tex moving forward, Gore created futuristic labs to test product. I explored those labs for a Popular Mechanics feature, found here.


7 of the tallest U.S. skyscrapers

Reaching for the sky in the United States takes you to either New York City or Chicago. As my “7 of the” series for Popular Mechanics continues, I look at 7 of the tallest skyscrapers in the U.S. Check them out here.


7 of the grandest inflatables

Sometimes you just don’t want to build. So you inflate. My ‘7 of the’ series continues for Popular Mechanics as I look at inflatables. Check them out here.


A new racing sail boat survives open ocean

An all-new high-tech racing sailboat survived over 66 hours in the open ocean. Check out the adventure and the tech behind this boat via my Popular Mechanics story here.