My top-five athlete interviews of 2016

To go along with my top-five stories on stadiums and miscellaneous coverage, I countdown my five favorite athlete interviews of 2016, with apologies to Eugene Bouchard, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Jack Sock and more.

  1. John Isner: While in Portland covering the Davis Cup tennis tournament I sat down with one of the top-ranked American tennis players for a wide-ranging Sports Illustrated feature.
  1. Andy Murray: One of the world’s top-ranked tennis players took a break from training during the 2016 season to chat with me about how he trains. I turned the talk into a Sports Illustrated feature.
  1. Kyle Lowry: I spent the day with Toronto basketball star Kyle Lowry while he was in the Portland office of Adidas checking out the latest in sneaker design. Read the full Sports Illustrated feature here.
  1. Roger Federer: Possibly the GOAT, tennis star Roger Federer took time to chat with me about fashion. Check out the Sports Illustrated feature.
  1. J.J. Watt: Watt works hard. Quite hard. And he discussed it all with me for an exclusive Sports Illustrated feature ahead of his first signature shoe release from Reebok. Watt discussed life off the field and in the workout room.

My top-five miscellaneous stories of 2016

I continue my top-five story countdowns and the three lists include stadiums and athletes to go with this, my miscellany entry.

  1. Vans skate rubber: Go behind the scenes with how Vans creates rubber for skate shoes.
  1. Under Armour factory: Under Armour is taking over Baltimore, including with the creation of a completely new way of manufacturing. I chronicled it all for an exclusive feature for Popular Mechanics.
  1. Lululemon science: Every quality brand has lab behind it creating new product. I went inside the Lululemon lab, the first reporter to do so, for a Sports Illustrated feature.
  1. A fitness bank: As part of a long-standing Sports Illustrated series on the best fitness venues in the nation, I checked out how Under Armour turned a historic Baltimore bank into one of the coolest fitness centers out there.
  1. Nike design: Nike leads in athletic design. And Nike Lab sits at the edge of that design. I went behind-the-scenes at Nike Lab for a Sports Illustrated feature.

My five top stadium stories of 2016

Stadiums played a major role in my coverage for everyone from Sports Illustrated to Popular Mechanics to Wired in 2016. Here’s a run-down of my favorite five:

  1. Renderings vs. Reality: I chatted with architects to investigate what happens between the time renderings get released until we see the actual building take form. The story ran on Sports Illustrated’s website.
  1. The making of Daytona: Early 2016 opened up the massive undertaking of remaking Daytona International Speedway from a racetrack into a proper stadium. I tracked the changes with a print story for Sports Illustrated and this Popular Mechanics feature.
  1. Inside-out in Sacramento: The new style of arena architecture took form this year in Sacramento and I chronicled it all for Sports Illustrated.
  1. Getting to know U.S. Bank Stadium: One of the biggest stadium openings of 2016 was also a showcase of technology, including a fresh way to roof a venue in North America. Read the tech via my Popular Mechanics article.
  1. All-new U.S. Open: Sure, there was the new roof over Arthur Ashe Stadium at the U.S. Open, but that wasn’t all. The entire grounds were remade for the 2016 event, changing an event, a campus and two weeks of stadium viewing. Read my feature for Tennis Magazine.

Go in-depth on the LA Rams’ new stadium

As construction continues on the new stadium in Los Angeles, I went in-depth with the HKS Architects designer on what we can expect. Read the full story via my Sports Illustrated feature here.


7 crazy cable car and gondola rides

Take a look at seven of the most stomach-dropping cable car and gondola rides across the world. Check them all out via my continues 7 of the series via Popular Mechanics here.


Where sports and science meet with STEM learning

The intersection of sports and science has a physical address in Santa Clara thanks to the efforts of the San Francisco 49ers. As the 49ers address STEM needs at every level of education in the local area the most recent expansion includes a new lab at a local high school. Learn more via my The 74 Million feature here.


How Gore-Tex lives on the edge of apparel color testing

Gore-Tex lives on the edge of testing apparel colors along with all the other tests performed by the waterproofing experts. Learn how they attack color via my feature for HOW Design here.


7 of the world’s most impressive canal locks

Travel around the world and you’ll find some fairly impressive ways to move boats from one body of water to another through lock systems. I found seven of the most impressive for Popular Mechanics. Check them out here.


Preparing BMO Field for winter play

As the MLS Cup returns to Toronto for Saturday’s match pitting Toronto against Seattle, the field will remain warm and ready for play no matter the weather conditions. Explore the strategy to heat the field from both sides via my FourFourTwo Magazine feature here.


Watch 7 cities grow and sprawl in seconds

Thanks to Google, we can compress decades of city growth and sprawl into seconds. Watch seven different cities take on their growth via my Popular Mechanics post here.