My five top stadium stories of 2016

Stadiums played a major role in my coverage for everyone from Sports Illustrated to Popular Mechanics to Wired in 2016. Here’s a run-down of my favorite five:

  1. Renderings vs. Reality: I chatted with architects to investigate what happens between the time renderings get released until we see the actual building take form. The story ran on Sports Illustrated’s website.
  1. The making of Daytona: Early 2016 opened up the massive undertaking of remaking Daytona International Speedway from a racetrack into a proper stadium. I tracked the changes with a print story for Sports Illustrated and this Popular Mechanics feature.
  1. Inside-out in Sacramento: The new style of arena architecture took form this year in Sacramento and I chronicled it all for Sports Illustrated.
  1. Getting to know U.S. Bank Stadium: One of the biggest stadium openings of 2016 was also a showcase of technology, including a fresh way to roof a venue in North America. Read the tech via my Popular Mechanics article.
  1. All-new U.S. Open: Sure, there was the new roof over Arthur Ashe Stadium at the U.S. Open, but that wasn’t all. The entire grounds were remade for the 2016 event, changing an event, a campus and two weeks of stadium viewing. Read my feature for Tennis Magazine.

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