My top-five athlete interviews of 2016

To go along with my top-five stories on stadiums and miscellaneous coverage, I countdown my five favorite athlete interviews of 2016, with apologies to Eugene Bouchard, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Jack Sock and more.

  1. John Isner: While in Portland covering the Davis Cup tennis tournament I sat down with one of the top-ranked American tennis players for a wide-ranging Sports Illustrated feature.
  1. Andy Murray: One of the world’s top-ranked tennis players took a break from training during the 2016 season to chat with me about how he trains. I turned the talk into a Sports Illustrated feature.
  1. Kyle Lowry: I spent the day with Toronto basketball star Kyle Lowry while he was in the Portland office of Adidas checking out the latest in sneaker design. Read the full Sports Illustrated feature here.
  1. Roger Federer: Possibly the GOAT, tennis star Roger Federer took time to chat with me about fashion. Check out the Sports Illustrated feature.
  1. J.J. Watt: Watt works hard. Quite hard. And he discussed it all with me for an exclusive Sports Illustrated feature ahead of his first signature shoe release from Reebok. Watt discussed life off the field and in the workout room.

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