My top-five miscellaneous stories of 2016

I continue my top-five story countdowns and the three lists include stadiums and athletes to go with this, my miscellany entry.

  1. Vans skate rubber: Go behind the scenes with how Vans creates rubber for skate shoes.
  1. Under Armour factory: Under Armour is taking over Baltimore, including with the creation of a completely new way of manufacturing. I chronicled it all for an exclusive feature for Popular Mechanics.
  1. Lululemon science: Every quality brand has lab behind it creating new product. I went inside the Lululemon lab, the first reporter to do so, for a Sports Illustrated feature.
  1. A fitness bank: As part of a long-standing Sports Illustrated series on the best fitness venues in the nation, I checked out how Under Armour turned a historic Baltimore bank into one of the coolest fitness centers out there.
  1. Nike design: Nike leads in athletic design. And Nike Lab sits at the edge of that design. I went behind-the-scenes at Nike Lab for a Sports Illustrated feature.

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