50 states, 50 infrastructure needs

As part of Popular Mechanics’ infrastructure week, I take a look at 50 states and 50 things that need fixing now. Check it out here.


How Topgolf will take over Safeco Field

Topgolf has a plan for Safeco Field and it involves sending golf ball flying off the third deck of the Seattle baseball stadium. Learn more about the experience via my Venues Today story here.


As the Super Bowl moves to Houston, Remember the Astrodome

Just because the Super Bowl rolls into Houston to puts its stage up at NRG Stadium doesn’t mean we can forget the Astrodome sitting across the parking lot. What made this dome so meaningful when it was built and what is keeping it alive now? I check it all out for Popular Mechanics here.


7 of the world’s biggest offshore structures

They are big. Huge, really. Check out 7 of the world’s biggest offshore structures for my latest in my series for Popular Mechanics. The link is here.


Creating a Super Bowl brand

Designing for the Super Bowl, one of the world’s largest sporting events, offers a creative lesson in parts. As designers build pieces available for use in a variety of ways they must design a branding platform accessible by various designers in everything from broadcast to apparel. Learn more about the process via my HOW Design feature here.


Rhode Island leading education innovation

Rhode Island has used a statewide innovation effort to put a focus on education, specifically personalized learning. Learn all about it via my feature for The 74 Million here.


7 of the wildest holes manmade has dug

Whether to rip stuff we like right out of the earth or to explore the depths as best we can, I explored seven of the deepest holes ever dug by humans for my latest Popular Mechanics story. Check it out here.


7 of the largest stadiums in the world

I walked through the seven largest stadiums in the world—not counting racetracks—for my latest in my Popular Mechanics series. Check out the list and the surprise that sits atop via the link here.


7 of the largest manufacturing facilities in the world

Some of the largest manufacturing facilities in the world make some of the largest products in the world. But not all of them. Check out my Popular Mechanics story on seven of the largest. The story is here.


My exclusive with Tom Brady on new sleepwear line

Tom Brady has bought in on sleep. And he’s all about a new technology to help him recover better. With the two, Brady partnered with Under Armour for a new sleepwear line and I had the exclusive conversation with Brady for a Sports Illustrated article. Check it out here.