Get to know 7 of the world’s most extreme towns

From hot to cold and low to high, get to know 7 of the world’s most extreme towns via my continuing Popular Mechanics series.

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Behind the demolition of Hanford

Go beyond the demolition of Hanford’s nuclear site via my Engineering News-Record magazine story.

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Rhode Island tackling personalized learning in education

Rhode Island leads the way when it comes to statewide efforts to propel forward personalized learning in the classroom. Learn more via my story for The Atlantic.

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New Sun Trust Park brings urban design to suburban Atlanta

Learn how Populous designed the new Sun Trust Park for the Atlanta Braves in an urban style, even though it lands in a suburban environment. My story for Venues Today.

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What it takes to plan a Women’s Final Four

The planning and preparation needed to pull off a Women’s Final Four has kept folks in Dallas busy for years. Learn more about the process via my Venues Today article here.

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5 MLS teams that should find a new home

I helped Four Four Two countdown the top-20 soccer venues in the U.S. And I took a look at the best of what we will see in MLS stadium design both soon and far into the future. But here are the five MLS teams that should find a new home, via my Four Four Two post.

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An exclusive soccer stadium of the future

Leading sports architecture firm Populous created an exclusive Stadium of the Future for my story in Four Four Two. Check out the forward-thinking designs and concepts of what you can expect in soccer-specific design in North America. The link is here.

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Ranking MLS expansion hopefuls based on stadiums

You can look at the 12 hopefuls for MLS expansion by merit, but the most interesting way, I believe, is to look at stadium plans. Four Four Two agreed and here’s my 1-12 ranking.

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The evolution—and future—of soccer stadium design in the U.S.

Thankfully the evolution of soccer-specific stadium design in the U.S. has moved well beyond the original creations. But what have we seen and what will continue to set trends moving into the future? I answer the questions via my Four Four Two feature here.

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