Training both your swing and your brain

Two apps join forces to train both the swing and the brain of baseball players. My first post for Baseball America.


How artificial turf isn’t created equal

I went in-depth on artificial turf to show that not all artificial turf gets created equal, especially when it comes to designing for soccer vs. football. Take a read via my Four Four Two feature here.

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Turning a golf course into a full venue

The USGA does it every year for the US Open Championship in golf, turning a serene golf course setting into a full-fledged venue. Learn how it happens via my Venues Today article.

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The lowly guardrail turned into a venue design feature

What was once a necessary piece of infrastructure has turned into a way for architects to put another aesthetic mark on a stadium or arena design. Check out the rise of the guardrail via my Venues Today article.

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The playoffs offer promo opportunities in venues

Playoff pushes in the NBA and NHL offer a new wave of promotional pushes inside the arena. Check out the t-shirt and rally towel craze via my Venues Today article.

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The future of performance footwear

The tech of the future has arrived in performance footwear as brands are moving toward fully customizable experiences, even in the performance category. Learn more via my Runner’s World story.


Student designers collaborate with NFL on visual systems

Students from FIT showcase winning visual systems as part of a NFL collaboration. Learn more about the project and the designs via my HOW Design article.

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How tech helps this inspiring dad carry his son through an Ironman

Completing an Ironman by yourself is a challenge most only dream of accomplishing. This inspiring dad hopes to do it while carrying his grown son. Learn how technology is helping his effort via my Popular Mechanics story.

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The new tennis silhouette from Adidas

Singer Pharrell took his Adidas partnership into the the tennis world by releasing the Tennis Hu, a new classic tennis silhouette based off the Stan Smith and Forest Hill designs. Check out more via my Tennis post here.

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