Philips Arena to take on completely different look

In what will become the second-largest arena renovation in NBA history, Atlanta’s Philips Arena will undergo a complete remodel. Get all the details via my Venues Today post here.

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How a helmet protects your head

Helmets protect the head. But how? It may come more complicated than you think. Learn about it via my Popular Mechanics post here.

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MJ’s love of baseball comes through

The Jordan Brand has unveiled a new baseball-inspired collection of both Air Jordan sneakers and apparel. Check out the inspiration and the line via my Baseball America post here.

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The latest on personalized learning

A new Rand study offers a continued positive take on personalized learning in the classroom, but there’s still plenty to be done. Learn more via my The 74 feature.

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How one nonprofit gets kids excited about cybersecurity

With cybersecurity a growing issue, one nonprofit has taken on an effort to get kids more interested in the career path from the beginning. Learn more via my The 74 feature here.

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The design of Under Armour’s Harper 2 cleat

Under Armour debuted the new Harper 2 cleat for Bryce Harper in Miami. And it showed. Check out the story behind the design via my Baseball America post.

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Head behind the design of the MLB All-Star Game

I went behind the design of the MLB All-Star Game logo for HOW Design. Get a feel for how that marlin-styled star came to be and even a bit of detail on how the Miami stadium played a role. Here’s the link.