The country’s largest video board an incredible canvas

As Mercedes-Benz Stadium debuts in Atlanta, one of the wildest new venues the world has seen, it comes with a video board like no other. Learn how the design firm behind making it come to life dealt with the world’s most unique digital canvas via my HOW Design feature.

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Designing venues for esports

As esports continues it rise, the purpose-built venue design comes next. Look to the future with my feature on esports venue design for Venues Today.

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The retro tennis designs from Pharrell, Adidas

Adidas athletes stand out at the U.S. Open this year with bold, retro designs from Pharrell. Learn about the design and story behind them via my Tennis Magazine feature here.

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The new style of food in Atlanta’s MB Stadium

Not only is the brand-new Mercedes-Benz Stadium one of the most extravagant new venues in the world, it also comes with one of the most least expensive food menus. Learn about the menu and why fans can afford the food via my Venues Today feature.

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Tracking swings with Diamond Kinetics

Diamond Kinetics has taken over the world of swing tracking in baseball and has a new DK Expert roll out to go along with. Learn about the brand and what’s coming via my Baseball America feature here.

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Lizard Skins gripping the baseball world

Lizard Skins has turned into the grip of choice across baseball. Learn how the brand has grown and what makes it tick via my Baseball America post here.

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Spectra’s new college football food options

Spectra has debuted an array of new food options as the college football season gets going. Learn about the new offerings across the country via my Venues Today post here.

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