Soccer Design Week: Los Angeles

Hollywood has influenced the new Banc of California Stadium design for Los Angeles FC. Check out the key distinguishing features of the new LA stadium via my FourFourTwo feature.

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Soccer Design Week: Minnesota

I explore three new stadium designs coming to MLS cities for FourFourTwo, the first in the series is Minnesota. Check out the design of the upcoming Allianz Field here.

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7 of the world’s most impressive subterranean structure

We build underground for a variety of reasons. Learn about some of the most impressive structures via my Popular Mechanics post here.

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Perfect Game a wealth of gear

The Perfect Game All-American Classic in San Diego was a chance for high school players to showcase their skills and gear companies to showcase their product. Learn how players reacted to the bevy of gear, how Nike uses focus groups to inform future products and the way Rawlings impressed players via my Baseball America features.


Just look up for the craziness of the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The most impressive features of the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta simply require a look up to see. From the halo videoboard, larger than anything ever before done, to the intricate operable roof system, engineering took a front seat in the stadium. Learn all about it via my Popular Mechanics feature.

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Gold, silver and coffee stop the stink

In an effort to stop your stink, companies are putting gold, silver and even coffee into workout clothes. Get the latest via my Popular Mechanics story here.

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7 of the most awe-inspiring National Parks

Want something inspiring to visit? Check out these seven awe-inspiring National Parks. Check out the list via my Popular Mechanics story.

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