Nike’s new NBA partnership brings the color

As Nike and the NBA create a new world of on-court design for the upcoming season, Nike creatives have done so by embracing all things color. Learn about the design process and player reactions via my feature for HOW Design.



Get to know the Adidas Defiant Bounce

The Adidas Defiant Bounce gives a new style to the tennis court. And one with comfort included. To learn more about the tennis sneaker read my review for Tennis.

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Albert Pujols working to Strike Out Slavery

Last weekend baseball star Albert Pujols gave a more public face in his attempt to Strike Out Slavery. Learn more via my Baseball America post.


Get to know Mizuno’s new glove lineup

Mizuno used player feedback to define changes to its glove lineup. Learn about the changes via my Baseball America post here.

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TheraGun putting vibration therapy into baseball

TheraGun has put its vibration therapy into baseball clubhouses the nation over. Learn why and how via my Baseball America story here.

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Under the felt: Differences in tennis balls

Each Grand Slam takes their pick, selecting the ball manufacturer and design they desire. But how do the four choices—across three brands—stack up? I help explain via my Tennis feature. Check it out here.

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