A gift guide for surviving the outdoors

The gifts for outdoor survival come as handy as possible. From the best utility tools to flashlights that double as first aid kits, explore my gift guide for Popular Mechanics that looks at some of the best available.

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Exploring the future of FB helmet design

Explore the future of football helmet design via my feature for HOW Design. 

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After Sandy Hook, designing schools for safety

After the Sandy Hook tragedy, architects took on the challenge of designing schools for safety. And it starts with the new Sandy Hook. Explore the process via my The 74 feature.

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Customize the classics of New Balance tennis

New Balance has turned customization into a personal experience and has added tennis to the mix, allowing customers the full personalization of the Court 300. Learn about the design, history and process via my Tennis Magazine feature. 

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Baseball the inspiration for Baseballism lifestyle

Wood and leather brought them together, they like to say. And the inspiration of baseball has kept the Baseballism lifestyle brand moving forward and into the most innovative retail areas in the game. Learn about the brand via my Baseball America feature. 

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Tom Brady’s science is as silly as it sounds

When Tom Brady starts talking science, the actual scientists start shaking their head. I connected with a few of the leading minds in the sports world to see just how silly Brady’s science is. Read about it at Popular Mechanics. 

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When baseball is your lifestyle, Routine gets it

Routine has carved out a name as one of the leading lifestyle brands in baseball. Learn about the company and the designs that spill from the diamond to the life beyond via my Baseball America feature. 

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The science—and now art—behind Easton

Easton baseball has long been known for its science, especially in the world of bats. But they’ve also added quite a bit of art into the mix with a brand-new line of top-level gloves. Learn more via my Baseball America feature.

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Chevrolet uses World Series to attract attention

Chevrolet has partnered with MLB for years and uses the game’s biggest stages, from the All-Star Game to the World Series, to attract attention. My post for Baseball America. 

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Putting a price on metal

Just how much are the world’s most famous statues really worth. My post for Popular Mechanics shows how one firm took the trouble to find out. Follow the link here. 

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