Designing schools for the modern learner

Light, color and space define the design of modern school architecture. Explore more via my feature for The 74 Million.

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All the sports design advice you could want

I spoke with the top creative leads at MLB, NHL and NBA to get advice for hopeful sports designers in my latest for HOW. Read it here.


Going up: Providence Park expansion in Portland

With a historic stadium tucked into downtown, the only place for the Portland Timbers/Thorns to grow was up. So that’s the plan. Learn more about the expansion via my FourFourTwo feature here.


Oracle’s new on-campus, independent school

When a popular California charter school focused on technology needed a home, Oracle stepped up by building a $43 million school on its campus. Learn about the public-private partnership via my 74 Million feature.

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Go behind the design of minor league baseball with Brandiose

Brandiose has created a niche in helping minor league teams get creative with branding. I learn about the process for a HOW Design story. Learn more here.