Satin Starter still a baseball staple

The days of satin Starter jackets filling the dugout of every MLB team has long gone, but that doesn’t mean Starter has gone away forever. Read about the revitalization of the Starter look via my Baseball America feature.

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Getting hands-on with STEM boxes

I put STEM subscription boxes to the test. Well, okay, I had three school-age girls do the dirty work for me, but I wrote about the results for a feature for The 74. Learn about the best of STEM subscription here.


Getting tricky with the Harlem Globetrotters

The trick-shot artists of the Harlem Globetrotters partnered with students from Georgia Tech for a new style of trick shot. Check it out via my Popular Mechanics post.


7 of the largest manmade monuments in the U.S.

We like to make things look impressive and not many manmade monuments come more impressive than the ones on this list. Check out seven of the largest manmade monuments in the U.S. via my Popular Mechanics post.