The art and business of doubles with Jamie Murray

Doubles tennis star Jamie Murray shares on the art and business of doubles, including its recent boost in popularity. Check out my interview with Murray via my feature.

University of Maryland merging football complex with academics and science

In a fresh use of space, the University of Maryland remade a historic athletic facility on campus into both the home for athletics and science. Learn about the new on-campus facility via my article.

Kindi, the Uber of reading, links Syrian refugees with reading buddies the world over

Doing something for the good of Syrian refugees led to the founding of Kindi, an app that links refugees trying to study in English with English-speaking reading buddies the world over. Learn how it all work and how American classrooms are getting involved via my The 74 Million feature.

The evolution of music festival technology

We’ve come a long way since Woodstock 50 years ago, at least in technology. Walk through the evolution of music festival tech via my Popular Mechanics article.

Easton and Jen Schroeder launch women’s-specific catcher’s gear

Softball catcher Jen Schroeder partnered with Easton to create an entire line of female-specific catcher’s gear. Learn the story via my Softball America post.

Vancouver’s Reigning Champ uses manufacturing history to create collaborations the world over

Vancouver-based Reigning Champ has a strong pull in the athletic apparel scene. The popular collab partner has gotten there on both their design presence and manufacturing know-how. Get the story on both via my feature.

Outschool approaches learning with a new model

From architecture through Minecraft to Spanish through Taylor Swift lyrics, learn how the Outschool learning model offers a fresh perspective. My The 74 Million feature.

Breakout teenage star Coco Gauff giving New Balance tennis fresh momentum

The breakout 15-year-old American teenage sensation Coco Gauff has given New Balance tennis plenty of fresh momentum. How will the brand handle the rising star moving forward? I explain for

How the Citi Open embraced Jose Andres and new culinary options

The Citi Open tennis tournament, under the new direction of Mark Ein, put an entirely new spin on fan experience, starting with a fresh culinary perspective led by celebrity chef Jose Andres. Get the full details via my feature.

Epirus London puts a fashion spin on tennis bag design

Epirus London embraces style and fashion when creating bags for tennis. Learn about the unique perspective from Epirus via my feature.