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Tim Newcomb is a journalist based in the Pacific Northwest covering sports design and technology, culture, infrastructure and entertainment. He writes for Sports Illustrated, Popular Mechanics, Wired, Tennis and more. You can follow him on Twitter at @tdnewcomb.

The importance of 78 feet in school design

Research shows that 78 feet can make a massive difference in helping teachers collaborate and improve, putting a newfound importance on school design. Learn more about the research via my The 74 Million article.

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From stone to suspension: A brief history of bridges

The history of bridges spans materials and styles. Learn a brief history of the transportation must via my Popular Mechanics post.

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The rise of Sporting KC’s design team

Sporting KC has taken massive leaps on the soccer field and in the community, but the design team has made some of the biggest strides. Get the story behind the rise of the designers tied to Sporting KC via my HOW feature.

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How Joplin’s rebuilt school rethinks design

Rebuilding the tornado-destroyed Joplin school allowed designers to rethink how students interact with nature and with each other. My 74 Million feature.

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The best electric bikes for powerful pedaling

My Popular Mechanics post runs down some of the best electric bikes to get you started in your powerful pedaling. Here’s the link.

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A teaser of Nike’s new tennis sneaker

Nike confirmed the use of full-length Zoom cushioning for an upcoming performance tennis sneaker. Get the details on what we know so far via my Footwear News post.

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Event-specific type in sports design

The rise of event-specific type in sports design adds just another level of complexity to the branding of sports. My HOW feature.

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Nashville embraces the catfish (in an arena tank)

Nashville’s love of the catfish as a symbol for its hockey team took a new twist with a tank for catfish inside the team’s arena. Learn more via my VenuesNow post.

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How the Dilly Dog got big

The Dilly Dog hit the rage in Texas. Get the story behind the creation of this MLB stadium concession item via my VenuesNow post.

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Easton small-batch program about quality

Easton’s small-batch glove program puts a focus on quality and experimentation. Learn more via my Baseball America post.

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