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Tim Newcomb is a journalist based in the Pacific Northwest covering sports design and technology, culture, infrastructure and entertainment. He writes for Sports Illustrated, Popular Mechanics, Wired, Tennis and more. You can follow him on Twitter at @tdnewcomb.

7 of the most stunning subway stations

The morning commute looks a little different in some of the most stunning subway stations around the world. Check out the best via my Popular Mechanics post.

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The historic run of New Era caps

New Era has outfitted major leaguers since 1934. The history of the baseball cap extends deep into baseball, but also pushes to the future, all while merging with lifestyle. Explore the New Era story via my Baseball America feature.

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The history of soccer boots, told here

From the Super Atom to Flyknit, I go wildly in-depth on the history of soccer boots. Take a stroll through the ages via my FourFourTwo feature here.

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How carbon nanotubes will change hockey

Carbon nanotubes provide strength in atom-sized ways. That strength is making a move to hockey to change the way stick manufacturers create equipment. Learn more via my Popular Mechanics post here.

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New Detroit arena just part of the neighborhood

The new Little Caesars Arena in downtown Detroit took on a new strategy to incorporate with the neighborhood. That strategy includes a brand-new perspective on a concourse that doubles as a pedestrian walkway. Learn more via my Venues Today feature here.

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Hand-split billets the key to wood bats

Every wood bat needs to start with a billet. And hand-splitting the wood creates the strongest version. Learn more about the process via my Baseball America feature here.

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