Bertha is stuck still

The continent’s largest tunnel-boring machine is underground in Seattle. And it isn’t going anywhere right now. I explain how Bertha originally got stuck trying to dig a new State Route 99 tunnel, why she remains stuck and what officials hope to do to get her going again in my Popular Mechanics article. Check it out here.

How They Plan to Get Bertha Moving Again (This is About a Tunnel-Boring Machine)

North America’s largest tunnel-boring machine sits waiting under Seattle as crews try and figure out exactly what stands obstructing her path. It is a complicated process to not only devise a plan to investigate the issue, but also stand ready to fix it once it is found. Read more at my Engineering News-Record article on the situation.

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Most Recent ENR Blogs

My four most recent Engineering News-Record blog posts include looks at a brand-new bridge deck coming apart in Portland, WSDOT adding a new wrinkle to overseeing its mega-projects, Vancouver’s VanDusen Garden still pulling in awards for its architectural and engineering design and big tunnel-boring machine Bertha getting new teeth.

Mega Lift Required Precision for Bertha TBM

Just getting Bertha, the continent’s largest-ever tunnel-boring machine, into place to dig the new State Route 99 tunnel underneath downtown Seattle proved quite the task. Take a look at my Engineering News-Record story about Barnhart moving Bertha into place here.

Meet Bertha: The World’s Largest-Diamter Tunneling Machine

She may be in 41 pieces, loaded on a boat and headed to Seattle, but when crews put Bertha back together a few hundred yards from Elliott Bay, they will have the world’s largest-diameter tunneling machine. Check out a bit of the information about Bertha’s move and next steps via my Engineering News-Record blog here.

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