Ready or not, Sao Paulo to host World Cup opener

Think of the World Cup like a giant game of hide and seek. Ready or not, Brazil is hosting the world. Check out the stadium in Sao Paulo hosting the tournament’s opening match, all without ever hosting a full-stadium test event. My story via Sports Illustrated is here.

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All 12 World Cup stadiums still in play … but barely

On Tuesday, Feb. 18, FIFA gave the go-ahead to use Curitiba’s unfinished stadium for the June event, but stressed there wouldn’t be any wiggle room for construction let-up in order to have the venue completed in time. Take a look at my Sports Illustrated story that recaps where we stand with all 12 Brazilian venues here.

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Brazil has a World Cup Stadium Conundrum

First off, yes, I was able to use the world “conundrum” in my Sports Illustrated headline. That right there should be reason enough to read the full Planet Futbol post on how World Cup 2014 venues are woefully behind schedule, potentially creating long-term headaches for the people of Brazil and otherwise just not doing all that well at getting completed. Check out the full article here.

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Proper (and Timely) Construction of Stadiums a Concern in Brazil

With World Cup 2014 quickly approaching and a Summer Olympics following just two years later, the pace of stadium construction in Brazil has proven worrisome. And so has the quality of the venues. As concerns mount across the country, what can we expect for the next three years of Brazilian stadium construction? Check out my Sports Illustrated gathering grounds piece focusing on Maracana Stadium here.

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