Step Inside the Bullitt Center

Downtown Seattle’s Bullitt Center has a variety of angles as the most sustainable office building ever built. At over 50,000 square feet and six stories, the net-zero energy building harvests and reuses all its own water, offers composting toilets, has a brain that runs virtually every energy-related system and much more. Get inside this building with my first-ever post for Discover Magazine. Check it out here.

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More Info on Bullitt Center

Check out my Engineering News-Record blog to learn even more about the opening of the Bullitt Center today, the world’s most sustainable office building, now serving Seattle. The blog is here.

Building the Most Sustainable Office Building Ever

The Bullitt Center in Seattle has offered plenty of tutorials on how to create the most sustainable office building ever created. The one I looked at most specifically for Popular Mechanics was how the team went about choosing the materials for use in the center. Take a look here.

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Top 12 of 2012 (#9-#12)

My writing life was varied in 2012, a busy year of diverse beats and assorted assignment types. In my first “best of” list I look back at 2012, offering my Top 12 of 2012 articles. Thanks for following and reading.

12. A somewhat hard-to-get tour of the Nike Research Lab on the company’s Beaverton, Ore., campus led to a Popular Mechanics’ article/slideshow outlining the scientific surprises inside the Mia Hamm Building. I especially enjoyed the behind-the-scenes look at the making of apparel and the technology that goes into it. Check it out here.

11. The greenest commercial building ever built is nearing completion now in Seattle, but I was able to showcase just how sustainable this structure really is in a TIME print article. A full-page spread, helped with plenty of visual cues, revealed the tactics used in the structure to give this building meaning. Look at the online version here.

10. I’m a major fan of the Olympics, so walking readers through all the new London Olympic venues for Sports Illustrated was certainly an enjoyable assignment. I was able to talk to everyone from architects to athletes to get perspectives on venues that we watched for weeks during the Games. Take a look at the article here and a slideshow of the venues with my text here.

9. I merged the built environment with sports motif for an article for Dwell covering the design of retail space pushing the athletic experience. Interviews with artists and architects helped drive this visual article. Take a look here.