Oregon Serious About Paying for CRC On Its Own

Oregon really wants a new Interstate 5 bridge spanning the Columbia River and connecting Portland to Vancouver, Wash. Washington lawmakers have already said they aren’t going to pay for it any longer, so Oregon is still seriously considering doing it all on their own. The latest news in the saga has Washington saying that’s fine with them. Read more at my Engineering News-Record blog here.

WSDOT Dealing With Slides

In an effort to stave off train-stopping landslides near Everett, Wash., the Washington State Dept. of Transportation is undertaking a $16 million project to stabilize the earth. Learn more about it at my Engineering News-Record blog here.

Amazon Has a Fun Plan for New Biodomes

Seattle already has some interesting architecture, but Amazon will make things even a bit more, well, forward-thinking if they go ahead with their planned biodome project. Read more about it at my Engineering News-Record magazine blog post here.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 3.14.52 PM

Money Found: New Vertical Height Clearance Coming for Skagit Bridge

Remember that bridge that fell down in Skagit County, Wash.? Of course you do. New money was recently found to retrofit the entire bridge, giving it a uniform clearance height once the permanent patch is put into place this September. Take a look at all the details in my Engineering News-Record article here.

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What’s Next for the Columbia River Crossing?

When $3.5 billion projects crumble during planning stages, there’s a lot of folks left pondering what happened. And what’s next. My lead news story for Engineering News-Record magazine this week looks at how the Columbia River Crossing project, a bi-state project between Oregon and Washington, fell apart and the potential future for the overcrowded corridor. Check it out here.

Vehicles Forbidden on Wild New Cable-Stayed Portland Bridge

The nation’s largest non-vehicle bridge is going up over the Willamette River in downtown Portland. And it has some splendidly fun cable-stayed features. Take a look at the building process in my Engineering News-Record article here.

Mega Lift Required Precision for Bertha TBM

Just getting Bertha, the continent’s largest-ever tunnel-boring machine, into place to dig the new State Route 99 tunnel underneath downtown Seattle proved quite the task. Take a look at my Engineering News-Record story about Barnhart moving Bertha into place here.

Engineers and Contractors Don’t Agree on Fault in Anchorage

The Port of Anchorage expansion project hasn’t gone so well and with lawsuits and review reports now the norm, the engineers on the project have a little something to say about their much-malinged design. Hear what they want you to know at my Engineering News-Record magazine piece here.

Watching Elwha: Restoration Continues

I’ve been covering the restoration of the Elwha River for some time now, working on multiple stories—including my first solo cover—for Engineering News-Record and a full-page for Popular Science. I bring you an update of the progress via my ENR blog. Check it out here.

Elevated Bridges Rise Above Avalanches

A new bridge design in Washington state will help clear motorists of avalanche dangers while crossing Interstate 90 in the Cascades. Gone will be the snowshed design of the 1950s. Learn more at my Engineering News-Record blog here.