USA Soccer goes white and collared for new ‘home’ look

Whether you call is classy or plain, the new USA Soccer “home” kit certainly plays white to the extreme. The all-white look, with some subtle gray stripes, gets its most pizzaz from a red-trimmed collar. Take a look at more details at my Sports Illustrated post here.


Small Oregon leather company makes bags for Nike, NBA All-Stars

A Eugene, Ore., leather bag making company teamed with Nike to create bags that will go to all the NBA All-Stars this weekend. I have some photos and info at a Sports Illustrated post here.

Yup, Nike Added Sutures to Kobe’s Lastest Shoe

In a fashion nod to the achilles surgery that Kobe Bryant underwent, the latest Nike shoe release for the superstar includes red suture marks. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of other design elements to the Kobe 9 Elite, so check them out at my Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard post here.

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How High-Tech Materials Change Basketball Shoe Design

In the third installment of my Sports Illustrated series about sports and technology, I was able to chat with basketball shoe designers from adidas, Nike and Jordan Brand about the latest technologies included in materials for shoes. And some of them prove absolutely intriguing. Learn all about the technology in materials—and watch an accompanying video—in the Sports Illustrated piece by clicking here.

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Doppler Dandy: Nike Goes All Weatherman With New Line of Shoes

Riffing off Kevin Durant’s proclaimed alternate career choice as a television weatherman, Nike has unleashed an entire line of weather-inspired shoes, complete with all the graphics you’d expect to see from a Doppler radar. Check out my Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard post here.

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3-D Printed Shoes: The Next Craze (PopSci Print Piece)

The 3-D printing craze has reached major shoe companies, with everything from NFL cleats to track spikes taking their turn under the 3-D printers. Check out the piece I earlier alluded to that I wrote for Popular Science’s print edition, now online here. During the research, I was able to take a look at all three shoes, checking out the precision of each. Quite the leap for the next generation of 3-D printing.

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How Nike and adidas Have Taken Over the Endorsement World

I look at the world of endorsements a bit closer for Sports Illustrated, checking out the efforts of Nike and adidas as the leaders in the sports endorsement world. Check out the story here.

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What Nike Athletes Will Wear in Paris

Want to know what Nike-sponsored athletes will wear during the French Open in Paris. I have you covered over at Check it out here.

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Behind the Scenes of a Uniform Launch

Let’s be clear: Nike wants you to love them. Well, love them enough to buy their product, anyway. That is why they make such a major deal out of the NFL’s uniform contract. Add in the fact that so many people care and you have a situation full of interest.

Recently I was in Portland to catch a look at the three new NFL uniforms—the Jaguars, Vikings and Dolphins—for work I was doing for Sports Illustrated. Along with the typical hype (complete with music and dramatic short-cut videos and such in a black-box theater-like room), although subdued slightly from larger events, came the opportunity for me to take a close, detailed look at the uniforms and talk to Nike designers and Nike-sponsored athletes about those new duds.Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 7.52.29 AM

After the initial reveal wears off, I was able to sit down for an extended interview with Todd Van Horne, Nike’s football lead. I’ve talked to him before—in Portland, in New York, on the phone, so often it feels like a Green Eggs and Ham story about where can I talk to him next—and he’s always ready with a good Nike cliche, but he’s also able to provide some nice detailed insight into the why of a design. I appreciate the latter.

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But having the chance to sit down with the Jags’ Justin Blackmon and touch base with the Vikings’ Adrian Peterson also gave me an opportunity to ask the players what part of the uniform they truly care about and how they see uniform interest growing in the NFL. They were both open beyond the talking points, allowing me to glean some details along the way.

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Being with the designers, the athletes and the actual threads gave me a better perspective, even if the glitz is a bit much.

I Chat with Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson About Uniforms

The Minnesota Vikings showed off some matte-purple helmets and redesigned flair in a uniform unveil. I chatted with star running back Adrian Peterson about the new look for a Sports Illustrated article. Check it out here.

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