Let’s Start Talking Sports Logos

You can create your list of 10 coolest sports logos, most classic or even ugliest, but I teamed with HOW Design magazine to create a list of the 10 most talked about sports logos. After chatting with logo designers, I formed the list, which, of course, you can read here. What do you think?

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Nike Goes Space-Age With NBA All-Star Shoes

Nike’s having a bit of fun with the NBA All-Star weekend, breaking out a trio of shoes for its big-name stars based off a space theme, since the game is being played in Houston and all. Designers and color folks even derived an entire fictional world around the three star athletes (Kobe, Lebron and Durant) and designed the shoes and apparel line to match. For more, check out my Sports Logos dot Net article here.

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Looking at 10 companies using data to drive sports design

The re-imagining of sports design couldn’t be more my thing, even if it comes with a data-heavy focus. In my first-ever post for Fast Co. (in this case Co.Design), I take a look at the Art+Data Institute’s top-10 sports companies and teams using terabytes of data to drive the design of fan experience and athlete performance. The post takes an in-depth look at what Art+Data is attempting to accomplish, offers a slideshow of all 10 entities and gives a handy description of each of the 10, explaining why they were chosen for the list. Put that all together in Fast Co.’s great web layout and I hope you enjoy the article. You can see it here.

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