Suspension Bridges Explained in my PopMech Print Article

The May issue of Popular Mechanics has a fascinating little article—if I may be so bold—on the art of suspension bridges. Check out the print edition for a little piece I wrote, focusing on the new Bay Bridge project, but giving a little insight into the different styles of suspension bridges recently constructed.


The fanciest materials for stretching bridges

Bigger and better. Even bridges. Covering bridges for a number of publications, as I have, I grow continually amazed by the engineering feats accomplished with bridge construction.  As the Popular Mechanics’ de facto bridge writer, I was able to take a bit more of an exploratory look at why we always get the “longest,” “widest” and “biggest” suspension and cable-stay bridges, year after year. Call it man’s need to outdo each other or call it a technical progression, but these records don’t last all that long. Take a look here at my PopMech article and enjoy the world of bridges.

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