New NFL stadiums not just for American football

As Atlanta announced its new MLS franchise for 2017, I took a look at the venue it will play in, a brand-new stadium designed for the NFL’s Falcons. And MLS may be looking at new NFL venues as a top-notch option with rumors that Minneapolis could be next. Read more about the venues at my Sports Illustrated article here.

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Axe Bat has studies to support its performance claims

Don’t blame the lathe, it was all wooden bat creators had when they created the round knob at the end of a baseball bat. But the Axe Bat creators say they have something more scientifically proven to work, with a study to back them up. Read about how the new Axe Bat handle changes the way a hand and wrist interact with a bat at my Sports Illustrated article here.

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Ballpark Quirks: Taking a dip in Chase Field’s pool

The second in my series on Ballpark Quirks for Sports Illustrated focuses in on the swimming pool behind the right-centerfield fence at Chase Field in Phoenix. So quintessentially Phoenix, the pool has been a mainstay ever since the park opened in 1998. Read more about the history of the pool—and with a link back to my first Ballpark Quirks piece on Fenway Park’s Green Monster—at my Sports Illustrated article here.

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