Sleeping in the outdoors: A work of gear art

Sleeping in the outdoors, especially if you have hiked your way there, has a certain feel to it. But it sure does have more comfort when you do it with the right gear. And that is what I’m here for, to point you in the right direction when it comes time to choose gear for sleeping in the outdoors. I took a look at some of the newest tents, sleeping bags and sleeping pads, helping you figure out which way to go. Check it all out via my Sports Illustrated article here.

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Ballpark Quirks: Petco’s historic building a must-keep

While one historic building at Petco Park was moved elsewhere in downtown San Diego, the Western Metal Supply Co. building turned into an integral part of the ballpark, the latest feature of my weekly Sports Illustrated Ballpark Quirks series. Learn the history of the building and its history in the stadium via my SI story here.

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SUP athlete Jenny Kalmbach shares on career, growth

Working the Hawaiian waters with stand up paddleboarding athlete Jenny Kalmbach shows you just how easy things can be on the Pacific Ocean. Well, if you’re a top-level SUP athlete, of course. Jenny took the time to share with me about her career and growth in the sport SUP for my Sports Illustrated feature. Take a look at what she had to say via my SI article here.

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Nike goes synthetic for new lightweight baseball glove

Nike baseball wanted to create a lighter fielding glove. They had to cut a lot of leather to make it happen. I talked with the two designers behind the new glove for my Sports Illustrated article, looking at the new materials they used and how they created the next generation of Nike gloves. Read the story via SI here.

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Ballpark Quirks: Twins’ Target Field ready for All-Star weekend with its fan-friendly plaza

Minnesotta’s Target Field, one of the tightest footprints in baseball, went outside its gates for its ballpark quirk. The Target Plaza off right field creates an extension of the ballpark and a fan-friendly location that carries through into the right field overhang. Check out more via my Sports Illustrated article here.

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