Going up: Providence Park expansion in Portland

With a historic stadium tucked into downtown, the only place for the Portland Timbers/Thorns to grow was up. So that’s the plan. Learn more about the expansion via my FourFourTwo feature here.



Oracle’s new on-campus, independent school

When a popular California charter school focused on technology needed a home, Oracle stepped up by building a $43 million school on its campus. Learn about the public-private partnership via my 74 Million feature.

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Go behind the design of minor league baseball with Brandiose

Brandiose has created a niche in helping minor league teams get creative with branding. I learn about the process for a HOW Design story. Learn more here.


The design of Under Armour’s Portland office

The international flavor of Under Armour took on a distinctly local design vibe with the creation of its Portland office. Learn more about the design via my HOW Design feature.

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A ‘venue within a venue’ for esports

As esports takes on the title as the next big wave in sports, Sacramento’s Golden1 Center becomes the first to create a “venue within a venue” for the team. Learn more via my Venues Today article here.

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How to build train tracks on a floating bridge

When the bridge floats and moves, building rail across that bridge proves tricky. They found a solution in Seattle. Learn more about the engineering via my Popular Mechanics article here.

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Routine Baseball x Adidas Baseball sneakers

Routine Baseball teamed with Adidas Baseball for the lifestyle brand’s first-ever sneaker collaboration. Take a look via my Baseball America post here.

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Get to know the new Spring Training cap design

New Era has debuted a new cap style—and materials—for MLB teams to use during spring training. Some teams have really embraced the changes with fresh logos. Learn more via my Baseball America story here.

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