Dunlop partners with BASF for Boost-style foam in tennis rackets

The same foam that has made the Adidas Boost so popular has entered into Dunlop tennis rackets. Learn about the process and what it means for the sport via my post.

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The challenge of feeding a Timbers Army

The challenge in feeding a stadium full of soccer fans comes down to a time crunch. Add in the historic nature of Portland’s Providence Park and you’ve got an even crunchier situation. See how it happens in Portland via my VenuesNow post here.

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Atlanta’s arena renovation signifies a business shift in arena design

The $200 million renovation of Atlanta’s State Farm Arena gives us an example of a business shift in the way arena design interacts with fans. Learn more about the changes via my Forbes feature.

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Tennis again flirting with style relevance

I explore the revitalization of tennis style in the mainstream environment through collaborations. Learn more about this rejuvenated tennis style discussion via my Forbes feature.

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Tech combo gives Under Armour a winter-ready running shoe

By merging together a trio of technologies, Under Armour has crafted a winter-ready running shoe. Learn more about the new offering from UA via my Forbes post.

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Nike’s new Huarache aims to fit like a glove

Nike Baseball launched a new Huarache cleat, designed to fit like a glove. The return of the strap on the mid-top provides just one of the new elements on the design. Learn more via my Baseball America post here.

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New on-field Under Armour cleat borrows from sneaker culture

Under Armour has designed a new baseball cleat with the comfort of sneakers in mind. Learn more via my Baseball America post.

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The back room decisions in the first laceless Air Jordan

The Air Jordan XXXIII is about more than updating a design, it is about creating new technology in the line: laceless technology. I went behind the design with the creator of the shoe to tell the story of brining the new technology to the courts. Check out my feature for Complex.

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The continued rise of Naomi Osaka

The tennis story of 20-year-old Naomi Osaka was fun enough after wining the US Open in August. But her business story continues to grow too. Check out the continuing rise of Osaka’s business future via my post.

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The NHL All-Star design direction

As the NHL unveiled its logo and design direction for its 2019 All-Star event in San Jose, I was able to chat with the designers responsible to learn just what led to the final mark. Check it out via my HOW feature.

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