7 monster machines that didn’t go as planned

As part of Popular Mechanics’ Monster Machine Week, I explored seven monster machines that didn’t go quite as planned. Take a look here.

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A brief history of skyscrapers

Take a tour of the brief history of skyscrapers through seven titanic towers via my Popular Mechanics post.

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7 of the largest manmade monuments in the U.S.

We like to make things look impressive and not many manmade monuments come more impressive than the ones on this list. Check out seven of the largest manmade monuments in the U.S. via my Popular Mechanics post.


Creating a Miami Vice design

The Miami Heat embraced all things Miami Vice with the City Edition uniform. I went behind-the-design for HOW to get the story. Read about it here.

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All the sports design advice you could want

I spoke with the top creative leads at MLB, NHL and NBA to get advice for hopeful sports designers in my latest for HOW. Read it here.


Going up: Providence Park expansion in Portland

With a historic stadium tucked into downtown, the only place for the Portland Timbers/Thorns to grow was up. So that’s the plan. Learn more about the expansion via my FourFourTwo feature here.


Oracle’s new on-campus, independent school

When a popular California charter school focused on technology needed a home, Oracle stepped up by building a $43 million school on its campus. Learn about the public-private partnership via my 74 Million feature.

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