The mental power of the fist pump

Mental coaching plays a key role in professional tennis. Learn more about the process and the power of the fist pump via my Sports Illustrated feature.


Using light therapy as rehab

Pro mountain biker Jill Kintner uses light therapy for her rehab. Learn more about the process via my Sports Illustrated Tech Talk column here.


Chairman of the boardshorts: Vans’ athletes design

Vans surf athletes have a hand in the design of their signature boardshorts, whether Nathan Fletcher or Joel Tudor. I spoke to the athletes about their style and process for a Sports Illustrated feature. Check it out here.


Cam Newton’s sneaker culture to cleats

Under Armour and Cam Newton have started taking sneaker culture to the cleated world. It magnifies with the Super Bowl. Read more via my Sports Illustrated article here.

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The making of Warrior Dash obstacles

The obstacle-filled 5K from Warrior Dash aims to build something for every level of athlete. Learn more via my Sports Illustrated feature here.


NFL stadium STEM classroom offers fun education

Levi’s Stadium, host of Super Bowl 50, has many things no other stadium has, including a classroom dedicated to the teaching of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). As the leader in STEM education from a stadium and sports perspective, ready my feature on the program via The 74 Million website.

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Ranking the 30 NBA floor designs

The Sports Illustrated NBA floor design rankings. By me. For SI. Check it out and see where your favorite floor falls. Here’s the link.

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How to design a sustainable NFL stadium

Sustainability in NFL stadiums hit a new high with Levi’s Stadium, home of the 49ers. Take an in-depth look at my feature on building sustainable stadiums via my Sports Illustrated article. The link is here.


Kitman Labs helping Pistons handle data

With all the player tracking data coming in, the Detroit Pistons turned to Kitman Labs to help manage and understand it all. Learn more about the process via my Sports Illustrated story here.


Adidas with Black History Month uniforms in college

Check out the new Black History Month uniforms for Louisville and Nebraska created by Adidas via my Sports Illustrated post. Here’s the link.