1-on-1 with Serena Williams

Serena Williams opens up with me about her lockdown efforts, her legacy and her time changing rackets with Wilson. Explore the entire interview — plus more info — via my Complex feature.

49ers Going Digital with EDU Playbook

Football’s San Francisco 49ers turn their stadium STEAM lab into a digital playbook for at-home learning. Learn about the process from my The 74 Million feature.

Baseball Memorabilia Market Skyrocketing

From Fanatics to auction houses, the baseball memorabilia market is on the rise. And it doesn’t show signs of slowing. Learn more via my Baseball America feature.

Jordan Brand Connecting with Next Generation

With entire generations of consumers lacking the connection with Michael Jordan the player, Jordan Brand must rely on new efforts to create a connection with the brand. Learn how via my Forbes.com post.

The 30 Most Important Nike Logos of All Time

With hundreds of logos to choose from — the 1990s were logo-heavy — I waded through plenty of Nike-created marks to find the 30 most important from the footwear and apparel brand. Check them out via my Complex feature.

Project 2020 Allows Artists To Recreate Iconic Topps Cards

The 1952 Jackie Robinson Topps card in tattoo-artist style. A 1983 Tony Gwynn via a cartoon artist. Or a 2001 Ichiro card from a painter. The 400 combinations in the new Topps Project 2020 gives 20 diverse artists creative license over 20 iconic Topps baseball cards, creating limited-edition styles released daily on the Topps website. My Baseball America feature.

The Naomi Osaka interview: Endorsements to life challenges to cooking

The Naomi Osaka interview covered everything from landing a diversity of endorsement deals to the struggles she’s facing in her personal life. Of course, she also shared about some new skills she’s discovered during the pandemic. My Forbes.com feature.

Pickles, ice cream and donuts: The best sneaker x food collaborations

The love of food has given rise to new sneaker x food collaborations over the years, bringing in both the big brands and a few of the smaller moves. From Grillo’s Pickles to donuts aplenty, check out the trend via my Forbes.com feature.

Public School’s Dao-Yi Chow Gives Sergio Tacchini Fresh Perspective

Sergio Tacchini is making a return play in tennis. Learn all about the new direction of the tennis fashion label with my one-on-one interview with design director Dao-Yi Chow for Racquet. The link.

The Anatomy Of A Tennis Player’s Sponsorship Deals

Rankings, social media followings and even the country a tennis player lives in can dictate what level of endorsement contract they sign. Because, as we know, exposure is paramount for brands looking to spend. Learn more via my Forbes.com article.