Under Armour with a fashion-forward focus

Under Armour opened Under Armour Sportswear and puts a focus on a fashion-forward perspective. Learn about the style, the design and the strategy via my Sports Illustrated post.

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Joe Kelly shares on his eyeglass style

Red Sox pitcher Joe Kelly shared about his personal style, a style that puts a focus on his prescription eyewear. The story via Sports Illustrated here.

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Ex-NFL receiver designs new style of headphones

An ex-NFL player wasn’t happy with his headphone options, so he took his engineering background and designed his own. My tech story for Sports Illustrated is here.

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U.S. Open changes about more than a new roof

This year’s U.S. Open brings with it much more than a new retractable roof over Arthur Ashe Stadium. Check out the details on the new Grandstand Stadium and more via my Sports Illustrated feature here.

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Ex-NFL player creates grip for the game

One ex-NFL player wanted something better when it came to grip for the game, so he teamed with researchers to develop a new product that helps keep receiver gloves tacky for the long-term. Read about it via my Sports Illustrated story here.

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NYC hospital teacher helping students

The world of New York City hospital teachers provides a fresh perspective on teaching. One teacher has taken that new view and created a crowdfunding effort to help the students. Learn more via my The 74 feature here.
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The visual design behind those Oakley sunglasses

With the Olympics wrapping up, there’s still time to learn about why Oakley went with green and white to color its Olympic shades. My story for HOW Design.

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Getting to know John Isner off the court

From cooking to camaraderie, John Isner is plenty more than an imposing on-court tennis player. He has plenty that keeps him connected to the world of sports off the court too. My sit-down with the star for Sports Illustrated can be found here.

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